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Wiki Loves Hub
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Wiki loves Hub is a proposed hub on Wikimedia photograph competitions like, but not limited to, Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Folklore and Wiki Loves Monuments.

Hubs are one of ten initiatives in the Movement strategy 2030, and are envisioned to be organizational units in the Wikimedia movement supporting more than one volunteer community. A thematic hub would focus on supporting global thematic areas, and cover a certain area of expertise.

Cross sections of the Wiki Loves initiativesEdit

The before mentioned Wiki Loves photo competitions all share multiple aspects, and have several common grounds:

  • The competitions are held annually
  • And all have a described annual cycle they go through every year
  • Competitions are mainly organized from Wikimedia Commons
  • The competitions are organized in a federated manner, meaning there is one international team, that supports the different national or local initiatives
  • For organizing the competitions, knowledge of local copyrights is needed
  • As well as knowledge of the rules and limitations of Wikimedia Commons
  • All competitions make use of specific upload (time limited) campaigns on Commons
  • Most, if not all, make use of Commons:Montage
  • Most, if not all, make use of the Central Notice banner
  • All competitions aim to cover a specific 'gap' of knowledge in our file repository
  • For all competitions the entries are judged by a local, ànd an international jury

How can a Wiki Loves Hub help?Edit

  • Collect and distribute knowledge of local copyrights, specifically about the subject of Freedom of Panorama and possible already existing work arounds
  • Improvement in the alignment the various initiatives
  • Increase knowledge exchange among peers
  • Improve and support the global coordination and cooperation with international organisations
  • Support and improve the tools and Mediawiki extensions for Wiki Loves competitions
  • Helping new Wiki Loves initiatives with the start of their campaign