In updating the Wiktionary and Wikipedia logos, it became clear that there's no convenient list of all the logo parts (or even any list of the localized project names/slogans at all in most cases). This makes updating logos very difficult, because even if the old logo was translated, we won't be able to make a new version because we can't copy-paste the text from the logo itself... and so we created this page. :-)

  • completely fill-out the table
    • [check] — there's a localization there, but it needs to be reviewed by a speaker for accuracy
    • [help] — there's a localized logo, but we can't figure out what's on it
    • [missing] — all or part of the localization is missing
  • (re)name all logos in a similar format (e.g. $PROJECT-logo-$LANG.$EXT or $PROJECT-logo-v2-$LANG.$EXT for the new Wikipedia logo)
    • can be easily found and reused
    • can be used in templates
  • update/create logos
    • first, add some help docs (step-by-step, like the Wikipedia 2.0 logo has) either here or on some other pages about creating the different projects logos
    • both svg and png
    • 2012 logo creation drive (Wiktionary first, then Wikipedia):
      saper to create a script?
      1. look at the last columns to see which are with a red link or only old logo (v1 Wikipedia, or non-scrabble/tile logo); either of PNG or SVG is enough;
      2. if there are both name and motto (no red warning/"missing" nor "check" note), proceed;
      3. if it's not a Wiktionary with "custom config" note, proceed;
      4. create the SVG accordingly and overwrite it on Commons if already existing (wrongly) under that name.