This is a scrapbook for work related to Wikimedia.

At present I am working on the investigation of Wikimedia Australia's possible form.

Associations Edit

Victoria Edit

In Victoria incorporated associations are required to be audited as per the act - this negates any benefit of this structure. Apparantly we could apply for an exemption, but I have been told that it only applies to "small" associations, something WMA will not fall into.

NSW Edit

In NSW incorporated associations are not required to be audited. Odd requirements for trading - specifically the limited buying and selling of goods or the provision of services where those transactions are ancillary to the principle objects of the association. Provided that if the buying or selling of provision of services is with the public, the transactions must not be substantial in number or value in relation to the other activities of the association

Auditing Edit

Auditing is required if we incorporate as a company and if we incorporate as an association in Victoria. In addition, audits are required if we are to fundraise from the general public.

Costs associated with structures Edit

Victorian Associations Edit

  • Association registration $104.50 (We would use our own rules, I doubt model rules will suit)
  • Application for recognition as a registered Australian body $330
  • Annual report lodgement $36.70
  • Auditing $700 (may be well more)

NSW Associations Edit

  • Registration $98
  • Annual reports $42

Companies Edit

  • Registration $330
  • Annual review fee $40
  • Auditing $700 (may be more)