BOT generated Meta report. The bot reports here when:

  • More than 66% of the placing and addition of this link has been performed by one editor.
  • The user is adding more than 2 domains, but they all reside on the same server.
  • The links are exclusively added by IPs.
  • Several IPs are adding the link, but the IPs are in a close (/24) range.



Selected additionsEdit

  1. 2018-11-27 14:15:39 w:ru:User: (talk, contribs, 1) to w:ru:Новостной агрегатор (diff, not top edit, still there), link (RXL,Search)
    Other links: (1,7,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:129918224:R)
  2. 2019-08-11 07:51:17 w:tum:User:Brenton04Y (talk, contribs, 15) to w:tum:Brenton04Y (diff, page deleted), link (RXL,Search)
    Other links: (15,2,1,1,,RXL);u=165840 (15,10,2,1,,RXL) (15,13,1,1,,RXL) (15,6,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:54265870:R) (15,7,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:129918224:R);u=218162 (15,11,1,1,,RXL);u=165844 (15,10,2,1,,RXL) (15,14,1,1,,RXL)
  3. 2019-08-11 08:59:21 w:tum:User:RoccoFoulds179 (talk, contribs, 12) to w:tum:RoccoFoulds179 (diff, page deleted), link (RXL,Search)
    Other links:;u=154684 (12,1,1,1,,RXL) (12,6,2,1,,RXL) (12,7,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:129918224:R) (12,2,1,1,,RXL) (12,6,2,1,,RXL) (12,22,1,1,,RXL) (12,23,1,1,,RXL) (12,12,1,1,,RXL)
  4. 2019-08-11 16:25:30 w:war:User: (talk, contribs, 7) to w:war:Pride Mobility Scooters (diff, page deleted), link (RXL,Search)
    Other links: (7,7,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:129918224:R) (7,5,1,1,,RXL) (7,9,1,1,,RXL) (7,5,1,1,,RXL) (7,9,1,1,,RXL) (7,9,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:87820339:R) (7,6,1,1,,RXL)
  5. 2019-08-11 21:22:49 w:tum:User:SanoraGower2 (talk, contribs, 8) to w:tum:What s Very Best Folding Scooter For Me (diff, page deleted), link (RXL,Search)
    Other links: (8,7,1,1,,RXL) (8,6,1,1,,RXL) (8,6,1,1,,RXL) (8,4,1,1,,RXL) (8,9,1,1,,RXL) (8,3,1,1,,RXL) (8,7,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:129918224:R) (8,35,1,1,,RXL)
  6. 2019-08-12 06:29:55 wikt:cy:User:BruceCranford1 (talk, contribs, 10) to wikt:cy:Power Wheelchairs - A Person Back Your Freedom (diff, page deleted), link (RXL,Search)
    Other links:;u=524323 (10,4,1,1,,RXL) (10,6,1,1,,RXL) (10,45,1,1,,RXL) (10,10,1,1,,RXL);u=70800 (10,5,1,1,,RXL) (10,7,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:129918224:R);u=343988 (10,7,1,1,,RXL) (10,8,1,1,,RXL) (10,14,1,1,,RXL) (10,8,1,1,,RXL)
  7. 2019-08-12 09:30:50 w:tum:User:Milan91I1429 (talk, contribs, 9) to w:tum:Tj Maxx Has Cupid Approved Gifts At Irresistible Prices (diff, page deleted), link (RXL,Search)
    Other links: (9,15,1,1,,RXL) (9,14,1,1,,RXL);u=220892 (9,11,1,1,,RXL) (9,15,1,1,,RXL) (9,16,1,1,,RXL) (9,7,1,1,,RXL,Analytics:129918224:R) (9,45,1,1,,RXL) (9,11,1,1,,RXL) (9,13,1,1,,RXL)


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