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Hi. I'm Lopullinen, a Mainland Chinese with interest in video games. I'm focusing on video game-related articles and interested in the quality assessment system.

I hold several alternative accounts, which includes: Where was I last night?, Muhebbet, 風中的刀劍, D2F0F5 and CAS222222221.

Wikipedia historyEdit

Similar to many other Chinese Wikipedians; initially I made contributions to Baidu Encyclopedia, the so-called largest online Encyclopedia in the Chinese-speaking world. Complained about its pending changes system, strict protection policy, and function-limited editor, I turned my attention to the Chinese Wikipedia. Wikipedia broadens my view and makes me realised copyright: copyright violations are common on Baidu Encyclopedia and many other Chinese websites, and someone even treats copyright as "the right to copy".

At first, I followed the style of existing Chinese Wikipedia articles, which usually with exhaustive fancruft stuff. Soon, I saw the English version article about my best-loved game, which marked with a bronze star. It gave me a lesson on how great articles great: focus on development and reception information, and without kinds of bulleted lists. After that, I aim to popularise this concept for the Chinese Wikipedia — translating recognised articles and guides from the English Wikipedia and help improve Chinese Wikipedia articles.

Projects (Chinese Wikipedia)Edit

I would like to improve articles about Japanese role-playing games, Nintendo DS games, and Chinese-localised games. Beyond article writing, I also enjoy creating and translating rules, essays and templates.


Accomplishments (articles)Edit

Accomplishments (non-articles)Edit


  1. Thanks Chiefwei and RalfX for checking the translation.
  2. Co-translated with Orzel Bialy.
  3. Co-translated with Jarodalien.
  4. An important idea for writing video game articles.
  5. One of the five Manual of Style that good articles need to be complied with.
  6. Got a lot of help from Jackmcbarn on this.
  7. Thanks for an idea created by Dabao qian.

  1. Translated content.
  2. "Did You Know" article.