User:Brion VIBBER/Alexandria roundup

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Things to check at...

  • Figure out some kind of commenting system for foundation site. This may require moving all the forms or replacing the form stuff with a decent extension.
  • Fix up mailing list archiving/search
    • (Just replace pipermail, it's impossible to remove things without stuff getting messed up)
  • Planet aggregation -- set up a web front end for adding blogs
    • -- french planet is up but nobody knows how to add blogs to it!
  • Planet aggregation -- an aggregator for the advisory blog?

Things for next yearEdit

  • Hacking days
    • Didn't have any this year, due to last couple years being kind of hijacked by local organizers and turned into something unexpected and unsatisfying. I tried to recommend running a good tech track instead; some good talks came through but it I think wasn't as strong as it should have been.
    • Think about the best way to run this for next year; work with the local team to make sure that we can run it ourselves for everyone's best desires. Consider an Open Space-style mini-conference.
  • A/V streaming/download
    • Every year things are a bit unsatisfactory with the A/V streaming/download of talks. This year it seems only a few sessions got recorded and streamed by the BA, and in a proprietary format nobody could read. We may wish to either provide, or help get sponsored, some specific system for this. Check with the local team, see if we have resources for it or can get support which will be open from somebody else.