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Standard sorryEdit

I am afraid that this is not a request that Wikimedia Foundation is able to answer via email. As an organization that relies entirely on volunteer work, Wikimedia doesn't have the resources to provide an easy answer.

However, there is a page on the English Wikipedia where various volunteers try to answer questions such as yours, called the Reference Desk <>. Instructions for using the Reference Desk are on this page.

Though there is no guarantee that they can provide an answer, they are often able. Please be specific in your question so that others can better assist you! Sorry I couldn't be of more help; good luck in finding the answer to your question.

Yours sincerely,

No changes via emailEdit

Due to the voluminous amount of emails the Wikimedia Foundation now receives on a regular basis and the limited number of volunteers involved in answering our emails, I'm afraid we no longer have the resources to make article changes via email. However, there are places on the site that you yourself can contribute and make these changes.

Wikipedia is a "wiki", which means that everyone can edit pages. You don't need to apply or get special permission to join us. At the top of each page is an "edit" label. Try it for example at: <>

You don't even need to log in to edit, although creating an account gives you more options and helps you keep track of your contributions. You can create an account at: <>

Please see <> for more information.

You may also find the tutorial useful: <>

Thanks for your interest and I hope you join us.

AD/BC versus CE/BCEEdit


While many users are in complete agreement with you regarding the use of BC/AD versus BCE/CE for dates, there is no clear enough majority to reach a consensus regarding the standard on either part. As such, the rule of thumb to consider is the use of dates by the article's original author.

We apologize if this creates any sort of unpleasantness in your Wikipedia experience, and hope that you continue to utilize Wikipedia as a valuable source of information.

Yours sincerely,



It appears you've been suffering from spam from one source or another. While certain portions of the the Wikimedia Foundation regularly publishes various newsletters regarding our organization or websites, no periodic email that is generated from this particular email address. Wikipedia does not send unsolicited mail under any of our addresses.

It is likely that the email address you see is faked. This is a common strategy used by spammers to avoid being blocked from mailing. Your Internet service provider may have an abuse department that can investigate this.

However, if you still feel it possible that this mail has actually originated from, please forward a copy back to us at this address and we will see that this matter is looked into.

Thank you for your time and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.


Confirmation problemsEdit

This email only means that you have not been able to confirm your email identity for added security. This is not a great matter. You should attempt to login to the user ID and password that you originally set up. If you cannot remember the password, simply put in your user name and click "Send new Password" and you should receive the correct password at your email address.

Once you have logged in again, you will see a notification informing you that you should confirm your email identity in order to utilize Wikipedia's personalized functions. If you do not see it right away, click "Preferences" in the upper right hand portion of your screen, and follow the instructions there.

I hope I have been of help.

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I can't search for articleEdit

The search function is based on a cached shot of Wikipedia. The search cache is not presently being updated, so it will be some time before your article will appear in Search.

You can read more about searching at:

I hope this has answered your question.

How do I give permission?Edit

Please be advised that in order for Wikipedia to permit this text, you must:

  • Make a note on the original site at permitting reuse under the GNU Free Documentation License


  • Send an email from an address associated with the original publication at to or a message by post to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Thank you.

Media HelpEdit

Because of the proprietary nature of MP3 or MPEG files, neither of these media formats are in use at Wikipedia.

The sound files included in Wikipedia are in Ogg Vorbis and video files are in Ogg Theora format. These formats are are roughly similar to other formats such as MP3 or MPEG, the only difference is that these formats are completely free. The OGG formats can be played in just about any browser, on PCs, Macs and Linux platforms. You can read more about Wikipedia media formats at <>.

Availability on CDEdit

The Wikimedia Foundation is an organization that relies entirely on volunteer work, and as such, all projects rely on available resources of users.

Although this project has been proposed, due to the ever changing nature of content available on Wikipedia, any automated, one-time copying of information to CD or DVD format would likely encompass numerous inaccuracies, nonsense and vandalism.

It is very likely editions of Wikipedia will some day become available on CD, should the resources of our volunteers become available for such a project.

We appreciate your support of Wikipedia.

Discovery of copyright violationsEdit

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have added this to our copyright notices list.

If you would like to become involved in helping Wikipedia with determining Compliance Violations, visit: <>

Thank you for your interest in Wikipedia. .

More specific licenseEdit

You had not indicated previously that this image is on Wikimedia Commons. As this image is hosted on Wikimedia Commons, it requires the owner of the image to provide a specific release of the image either as GFDL or another free license (such as certain Creative Commons licenses), then your content may be used on Wikipedia. I'm afraid that "permission to use on Wikipedia" is not adequate enough.

Thank you for your understanding! Please see <> for more information. If you require a sample email, you may visit <>.

Login issuesEdit

If you have cookies disabled on your browser, you will not be able to maintain your login on Wikipedia. Please consult your browser's help system to determine how to enable cookies.

If you do not believe that this is the case, please make sure as you are logging in to wikipedia that you put your username in and password and verify the "Remember my login on this computer" checkbox is checked.

If you continue to experience problems, you can possibly consult the <> located online.