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Ever since the beginning of Wikimedia, and even further back, when its first project (en.wp) was formed, doubts have festered on whether Wikimedia can ever hope to attain the goals laid out in its vision to bring free knowledge to everyone on the planet.

Many of these voices preaching the futility of the Wikimedia project are grounded in the format of the Wikimedia effort, the way we are trying to achieve that ultimate goal. Others complain that the task lies in the realms of impossibility, while others still claim that Wikimedia must soon sink under the weight of its constantly growing problems.[1] Many other problems have been identified, many of which are fixable, but which have not been looked at, or given any serious attention, by the community yet.

Many of these concerns are very valid,[2] and may just pose considerable threat to the effort.

Wikimedians have responded to these problems, individually, in different ways. These problems have caused many Wikimedians to retire from the collaboration, or to lose faith in the goals. Some have and continue to help fix these problems, both by doing the work and suggesting changes. Others still, perhaps, have not considered that there is a problem. Many haven't, in fact. But Wikimedia as a whole has not properly considered the problem, let alone put proper effort into fixing things. Instead, it continues unabated along a one sided trail of growth, without stopping to address these serious issues.

The longer that it allows the problem to grow and fester in the darkness, the lesser the chance that Wikimedia will be able to re-establish itself and get back on its feet when the time comes that it has no choice but to attempt to undo a by-then undoable problem.

Essentially, Wikimedia is a huge thing. It is a big deal, or it can be, even if the world doesn't recognise it as such, yet. It has the potential to reach its vision, to change the world in ways none of us have even dreamed of yet, to become something that is known the world over for its positive contribution to the human race and its advancement. The potential is truly fantastic. But for now, while these problems go on unaddressed, Wikimedia cannot ever hope to amount to a millionth of those possibilities. Instead of constantly going forward at an incredible pace, perhaps, for a minute, we need to pause, and take a look back.

  1. This is seen most prominently in the English Wikipedia, where critical problems relating to the increasing number and quantity of unreferenced, biased and purely false material; many claim that eventually the project will cave under the stress.
  2. Whether any of them is truly serious enough to bring about the end of the Wikimedia project remains to be seen; as of now, Wikimedia is not seen to be chronically hampered by any of the above by most informed people.