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WikiSummer camp

WikiSummer camp India is a group of activities or events, which will be focusing to increase the awareness of Wikimedia projects among the school students and teachers. As well all know schools are continuously updating their curricula to keep up with accelerating technological developments around the globe. This usually includes introducing computers to the classroom. Students are often taught literacy skills such as how to verify credible sources online, cite web sites, and prevent plagiarism. Wikipedia is the frequently used website by the students for general research. But the readers won't realise that they can also be knowledge creators not only knowledge consumers.

Motivation & Background
The event is focused on students to understand the Wikimedia world and create content related to the topics which they are interested on. This project makes an attempt to train educators from different parts of India to become Wikipedians and train their students. The Indian education system is quite complex. The gap between the education system and curriculum of government schools affiliated to State Boards is way too different from the ones affiliated to other Boards like CBSE(CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION) and ICSC (COUNCIL FOR THE INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATIONS). In order to bridge this gap and provide exposure to the students from less privileged backgrounds, about the global initiatives and movement, some wikimedians are working on starting an education program for school students where they will be primarily introduced to Wikisource Project and then the zone will be expanded on the basis of their interest and ability. The knowledge that we have about an education program design is based on what we have read about other Education programs and from what we have experienced while working on designing one.
  • To increase the awareness of Wikimedia projects among the school students and teachers.
  • To engage more students and educators in Wikimedia activities.
  • To enhance the digital literacy skills among the student community.
  • To promote Wikipedia in education by giving presentations on the benefits of using Wikipedia and related projects.
  • To create awareness about the offline usage of Wikipedia with the help of Kiwix to enhance the students learning in daily life.
  • It is easier to train university students rather than working with younger ones. University students are better acquainted with research, which is the cornerstone of Wikipedia but this WikiSummer camp will focus to develop the research skills among the students by keeping the Wikimedia platform as one of the tools.
  • To develop habits, that make students to love knowledge, become curious about knowledge sharing and productive.
  • Students will be able to improve their knowledge, skills of formulating thoughts, writing skills, concentrations skills and even their thinking skills.
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