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The CIS-A2K newsletter intended to describe all the activities & events organised by CIS-A2K towards Indian Wikimedia communities. In our newsletter, we provide a short update of the events conducted and it also includes announcement, a press release or a status update of the project. This can also be considered as a short monthly report to the community to understand the work being done and to join the hands with A2K in further events.

How to write the newsletter article edit

  • Top header
__NOTOC__ {{:CIS-A2K/Newsletter temp | Month = December 2020 | Volume = Volume 12 }}
Fill the data in the template according to the preparation date.
  • Section headers: We use H2 headers (== Header ==), to differentiate between the sections. Do not add links to section header, this would give the reader a worse overview of the sections.
  • Red links: Newsletter should not contain red links
  • Links to Wikipedia projects: Link the pages to Wikipedia or other Wikimedia project by using the interwiki link, this will help to gather more information about the events held.
  • Bottom of page:
{{CIS-A2K newsletters}}
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[[Category:CIS-A2K reports]]

Newsletter publication edit

How to Publish, “This Month in Education” :

  • Gather the articles
  • Copy edit the articles
  • Put together the publication
  • Post the Newsletter
  • Distribute the Newsletter

Deadlines edit

  • Requesting email to be sent on A2K mailing to update the event page:1st of the month
  • Last date for team members to update the event page:3rd of the month
  • Publication: 5th of the month
  • Circulation on the mailing list and talk page: 5th of the month