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  • Problem:
  1. Don't have a modern LMS interface so that it could support top features from MOODLE,UDEMY like VIDEO/audio course's & PROGRESS REPORT/ Performance related Features, Options & Policies.
  2. Don't have implemented A.I features at the Wikiversity's core like DOCEBO LMS have, so that it could provide more interactivity, deep and effective learning experiences.

Some Concerns:

    1. Wikimedia movements, policy,mediaWiki software are heavily depending on "TEXT" related content which is working nicely for all other wiki projects but not for Wikiversity. "Smart Interactivity" & "Video Courses" became the "Right Choice" for all the learning community.
    2. Online assessment, in details progress/performance report For both course author & learners is the top features of any LMS.UDEMY is the number 1, cause they are applying it nicely along with 'attendance statistics' for both. I fear it will not be possible to implement in Wikiversity just because of the current policy.
    3. The current policy heavyly prioritizing "Anyone-Can-Edit" over "Quality Standards".UDEMY also applying "Anyone-Can-Edit" while maintaining a proper "Quality standard" and became successful as a learning community. Along with the traditional Wikiversity course type it should add some other course types ,like instructor-led, self-paced or Mixed, for some specific courses.
    4. UDEMY have a "Quality Review Team" which evaluate's all the course before it go to live .They are not subject wise "expert" but only evaluate the "content" quality. Which is very much needed in Wikiversity.But I fear, it also will not be possible for Wikimedia, Wikiversity to adapt this features.
    5. (Wikiversity:Wikiversity community) 'It say's, Wikiversity isn't participating in conventional courses just because the "wiki interface" isn't appropriate for these. And to get all the wiki environment power it should n't change this process either'.I don't like what it sounds , couse it neglecting the Wikiversity's ORIGINAL GOAL. shouldn't it go the other way around.
    6. I believe,To fulfill foundation's mission Wikiversity should evolve beyond the "wiki environment" .Wikiversity wanted to became the supporting platform for the all the "Learning community", but it didn't . in reality ,(in 2019) when people see these learning community like UDEMY , or full featured LMS like MOODLE ,DOCEBO then they know what they want .That's why & to fulfill the "mission" it must evolve.

    The mission of the Wikimedia Foundation is to empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally.

    In the beginning ,Wikiversity's fundamental goal was, to broaden the scope of activities within the Wikimedia community to include additional types of learning resources in addition to textbooks. After 13 years,fundamentally it didn't improved much while in the meantime Learning management system (LMS) improved so much that it have some great standard's. Learning community became heavily dependable on MOODLE. Then came docebo, a LMS that use learning-specific artificial intelligence algorithms to produce deeper and more effective learning experiences. It is proven that, in learning community "interactivity" & "VIDEO" is equally or more important then "TEXT" content.

    Udemy allows instructors to build online courses on topics of their choosing by Using "course development tools". Authors can upload video, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to create courses. Authors also have features to engage & interact with user and getting feedbacks which is very very important for any learning platform.

    Wikiversity should maintain a certain standard. implement some extra reviewing featurs in "curator" ,"custodian " user group or make a "video reviewer" user group .they could only review video content to make sure it maintain the quality standard.

    Wikiversity is a center for the creation of and use of free learning materials, and the provision of learning activities.

    The project states that that's why it should became a full featured LMS (along with a learning community) as long as it's within Wikiversity's policy. I know these 2 "NEED'S" & my "concerns" are huge & very very complex tusk for the community tech team/foundation to complete in short time (2-4 years).

    But we can all agree in that, we NEED these 2 features very very much.