Please do not put ban on Khangul , its a gang plot against the curators.

Dear Stewards ! I hope you will read this part carefully and then decide what to do , because I see here many people commented from the Urdu-Wikipedia which is one sided arguments and it will be more injustice to discharge the Admins of Pashto wikipedia as well as the Bureaucrat. As you may know the Pakistanis (Urdu speakers)are against the Afghan people because of the politicle instibility in the region and the Afghan government retaliation to the Pakistani attacks on Konar, most of the Pakistanis are aware of that issues and they have captured vast areas of Afghan soil as well so they are afraid to re-lose the area therefore most of the Pakistanis who have large population in the world are active in insulting the Afghans everywhere in the social media even in their own social circles because most of them understand Pashto language and because its the second largest language in Pakistan. they do interfere in all the places where they see the Pashto language community. first of all as you know every wikipedia has its bureaucrat and Admin as well , they know better to manage the wiki according to their community because of the social and cultural differences which is in the national level but most of the global information are stated as it should be by their references. Pashto wikipedia is not inevitable. to explain the issue more closely I would say that every community has its values , great social , religious and political figures who have done great works in course of history so the accurate information are to be recorded in any wikipedia so did the Pashto admins the same , but suddenly a member and previous admin of the pashto wikipedia embarked the greedy demands . the issue is semilar to the plot of the classicle western movies (the good , the bad and the ugly). Usman Mansour Ansari who has been active in pashto wikipedia since 2006 or 2007 til now , Khangul who was an ordinary admin and a good quality writer in pashto language who is active from 2009 up-over, Usman khan shah came across through Urdu wikipedia and interfered in the Pashto wikipedia . I was following the issue how they begun and why did the issue came into the contradiction. Usman Mansour Ansari seems to be from the East Afghanistan who has been born in Peshawar Pakistan and have studied there as well. Usman Khan Shah is a guy from Pakistan or anywhere else but he is Pakistani and came from Urdu-Wikipedia to take a side of Usman Mansour Ansari for the demands they have already planed . I have watched them both and know better the differences of their editorial efforts as well. I also know the Khangul's intention which was just to implement the regularity , deciplines based on the right dictation of the standard Pashto writings not dialectical language anarchy . unfortunately Usman Mansour Ansari and Usman Shah Khan both begun irresponsible changes and both supported each others while they have been informed of the wrong doings , punctuation failures and grammatical issues . At last when they were criticized again , suddenly they brought the Urdu templates and intentionally used the Urdu Alphabets which do not exist in Afghan language of Pashto. then Khangul had argued with them but they didnt listen and invited many other Urdu speakers one of the speaker did write in Urdu that he cant speak Pashto why did Usman Khan and Usman Ansari invited me? he said, his name is (مجیب) . this was the last tolarance then the Admin had no choice and had to ban Usman khan shah . After banning his Usman Mansour Ansari (perhaps raised pakistani ) begun schemes and plots against the Pashto wikipedia in general and demanded the change of the Admins and then nominated himself as Bureaucrat . after Usman shah 's blockage the Mansour Ansari intentionally kept on to impose his eastern dialect which is clearly familiar to the Pakistani side Urdu-affected Pashto dialect, and he was emphasizing on that because the population of the Peshawar pashtons are more than the Ningarharians so the most of the Eastern Afghanistan's province Ningarharian people supports the peshawrians and they have sociolinguistic similarities as well. Usman Mansour Ansari stated that if he is not going to be Bureaucrat nobody can stay bureaucrat, if his dialict is not accepted there is no standardization to follow . This is all the issue which has nothing to do with the religious or irreligious issues , also nor politicle but made that issue politisized so that the Stewards and rest of the members focus on this as bigg issue which today seems to be made bigger. I hope the Stewards and its members review on the issue and do not take anyone's side rather let the Buarucrat and Admins on its place because all of the honest admins and the effective hardworking bueracrat expanded the Pashto wikipedia from 100 articles towards 5000 by now . or if its not going to be reversed then please do not give Usman Mansour Ansari and Khangul both the rights to nominate themselves for the Bureaucracy because it will be injustice action .

I hope to let the Pashto wikipedia to grow forward and the issue of Taliban , Gulbudin ,Bush , democracy and Liberalism and all that shit excuses are not to be mixed with the literary works . all of the people who writes in pashto wikipedia are academics and some use different names doesn't matter as long as they write correct and participate properly . but Usman shah and Usman mansour are both demanding for their political demands both lives in Pakistan as well.

A neutral writer for the Pashto wikipedia : have good time forward --Afghanwrites (talk) 21:24, 20 April 2015 (UTC)

       I don't want to discuss further because the issue is resolved. But let me clear that Afghanwrites is a sock-puppet of Khangul and it is proved at CheckUser discusion.And please Also note Khangul sock-puppetry on the Following page where it is cleared that Khangul is doing all these things for many years:
           Comment Comment Actually it is not confirmed that they are sockpuppets. It is confirmed that they are related. Kanghul addressed that aspect in one of their responses.  — billinghurst sDrewth 06:01, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

Now tell me how could be a person like Khangul the Adminisrtator of Pashto Wikipedia? Instead of Development and encouraging community Khangul (Afghanwrites,ANBI,etc) is destructing the website, He has damaged the credibilty of the site by just enforcing his own-made Policies.

And Khangul I don't know what are you talking about Pakistan and Afghanistan relationship,By nationality I am Pakistan but I have been living out-side of Pakistan for more than 10 years, So I don't know about the politics and relations of Both the countries , I have noticed that you are using bad language for other nations and countries (like India,Pakistan,United States,etc) in your articles. I request you to be neutral while writting articles especial about other Nations,Culture,Countries and Religions.And please don't politicize Wikipedia and other Educational projects , here nothing is personal . And here I am talking as a Human being not a Pakistani or Afghani .

I would like to inform you that when at the time he was chosen as an admin (as Khangul) or crat (as ANBI) for his services, the users were few and very little in number. As the conditions were, back then, he was given away the adminship without much considerations and voting; and as well because uptil then the rules and regulations regarding the adminship were not completely compiled on Pashto Wikipedia.

Khangul or Afghanwrites! You will get nothing by blaming,personal attacking and discussing further .Anyway, I don't want to discuss anymore because the issue is resolved. --UsmanKhan (talk) 22:23, 20 April 2015 (UTC)

   @Afghanwrites: The plan is not to block anyone who is trying to positively edit on the wiki, and who follows the processes around consultation and discussion on talk pages of contentious issues. The community needs to learn to co-exist and discuss, not rule by authority and blocking. After a period of time the community will be invited to again have administrators and the community will have their say on who they will be by means of consensus. None of this is about blame, we are not putting the blame on any people, we just need a clear path to a resolution where the community discusses and resolves their issues.  — billinghurst sDrewth 05:22, 21 April 2015 (UTC)
   @Billingshurst: Actualy Iam totally agree with you and Khangul has never blocked anyone on behalf of his own ego, interests , or other reason than the ignorance of the Usman Khan shah and Usman Mansour Ansari who tried to implement the Urdu language alphabetes instead the Afghan alphabets. Usman Shah was guided with a very well-mannered and respect but he invited some Urdu speakers joining in implementing their rules of law . Khangul is a very respected and educated person. he has had huge contribution in pashto wikipedia . Usman Mansour ansari and his fellow pakistani Usman shah are trying to focus on their own dialict and ignore the newlogism of the Dr. Mujawar Ahmad Zyar a well-known linguist and anthropologist. there are more people who follow his academic rules made for the language of the Afghans.

I would also suggest you to please make some clear rules which could be the base for all the wikipedians and wikipedias. Also would ask you to please mention the rules which permits the independent multilingual wikipedias's Admins and bureaucrats to implement in a special cases . There are people comming supporting the abuser by intentions , what should an Admin do? there are people from other wikipedia comes and put something inappropriate and none ethical what should an Admin do? there are people who puts porn pictures what should an Admin do? There are people who dont know the language very well , then they write something more wiered and despite the guidence through the language they ignore the rules so what should an Admin do??? alike there are thousands of abuses and basic rules breakers I think in some cases Admin should be allowed to ban or block useless people. with hope to listen to the rationality than to the majority. --Afghanwrites (talk) 08:54, 21 April 2015 (UTC) SeendGay should be blocked because he put pornographic pictures

Dear Stewards! I hope you block the editor Seendgay who puts only unethical pictures with pornographic naked organs. it is totaly un necessory because the article states one thing the pictures indicate other things and the children and teenagers will be misguided by that. The person (seendgay) is totally irreational and do not complete the article as well. the context of the article is sexual and the language is used vulgar . that person is sent to the pashto wikipedia by the Pakistani Urdu wikipedia. please make any rule for that. kind regards --Afghanwrites (talk) 15:13, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

           Seendgay is constantly taking actions against the majority of the users in Pashto Wikipedia. His posts that are not even proper Pashto, and a collection of vulgar words, is highly offending to many of the young Wikipedia users, ladies and underage Wikipedia. I highly recommend that someone take a serious talk with him and make him understand that either he should work in proper manners like discussing a matter scholarly or not even publish a word that is not considered by many as a decent work. --Khangul (talk) 15:43, 21 April 2015 (UTC)
   Khangul or Afghanwrites Please discuss these issues on PsWp locally because these are Local issues not Global.And now the Community is going to make new policies for PsWP by consensus (See: ps:Wikipedia:Policies). So you can discuss all the issues there .--UsmanKhan (talk) 19:47, 21 April 2015 (UTC)
       UsmanKhan, unfortunately there are no local administrators to monitor the situation and/or enforce policies. @Afghanwrites: are you able to provide links to prior warnings that Seendgay has received? Can you point to a policy or consensus that Seendgay is violating? Thank you, Tiptoety talk 19:51, 21 April 2015 (UTC)
           I'd welcome links too. A quick review of contributions only finds normal, informative topics and images [9] [10] which can't remotely be considered "pornographic". --Nemo 19:58, 21 April 2015 (UTC)
               I am interested in sex and the study of sex [sexual organs, positions etc]. I wrote an article on psWiki. This was being sabotaged by Pashto editors on the grounds of morality through deletion of images and information. Later on they tried to make it unintelligible by using Arabic words such as: فارغ etc. I was also abused by Afghanwrites: Click This. I only want Pashto wikipedia a) to be in Pashto b) be Secular. This is an Encyclopaedia not a Theological-paedia. Best wishes and regards Seendgay (talk) 14:18, 22 April 2015 (UTC)

ps.wikipedia MediaWiki namespace cleanup

Font abnormally large, only half of the page fits the screen, sidebar broken down... Vector is totally broken at

1) shows in the logs, among other things:

console.trace()load.php?debug=true&lang=ps&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=20150415T20…:10934 mw.log.log.warnload.php?debug=true&lang=ps&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=20150415T20…:10960 mw.log.log.deprecate.Object.defineProperty.Object.defineProperty.getload.php?debug=true&lang=ps&modules=ext.gadget.teahouse&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=20150421T1…:6 (anonymous function)

Please remove "default" from all gadgets at w:ps:MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition.

2) w:ps:Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets is not properly localised, please restore the correct headers of w:ps:MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition which can then be localised where appropriate.

3) Remove everything from the block "Uploadwizard_newusers" to the end at w:ps:MediaWiki:Common.js, the wiki uses commmons:Special:UploadWizard so that script is unneeded.

4) The collapsible tables and navigation bars blocks should probably be removed too.

5) Remove the logo at the beginning of w:ps:MediaWiki:Common.css, that's not the localised version which the wiki uses.

6) FYI [ has 0 errors, 118 warnings, 112 infos.

7) Remove the "Import more specific scripts if necessary" block at Common.js, those scripts use deprecated addOnloadHook.

8) Remove w:ps:MediaWiki:Gadget-HotCat.js fork, load from Commons directly.

9) Empty w:ps:MediaWiki:Vector.js, the functionality is superseded by MediaWiki core features and wgUserName is deprecated.

10) Empty w:ps:MediaWiki:Irc.js, appears to be notonly unmaintained and broken but also unused.

11) Report the Common.css font changes in Phabricator so that core is fixed and local changes are superseded.

--Nemo 20:37, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

   Done all except for 2), 4), 5), 6), 8), 11). I may do them later, but if somebody is faster, they should feel free to do it themselves. Vogone (talk) 20:48, 21 April 2015 (UTC)

Dear members of Stewards ! It seem that you guys belonging to Pakistan country , its because you guys not listening to the Afghan writers who worked for 5 to 10 years by now and they are constantly providing the best articles and translation from the English wikipedia and from the authentic books . The USMAN KHAN SHAH OR USMAN SHAH is the person who is originally from Pakistan and he wants to interfere in most of the historical articles and destroy for the Afghans. I suggest you to please ban him from the Pashto wikipedia . If he has received the admin-ship and he was allowed in everything in pashto wikipedia than am 100 sure no pashtoon or Afghan will contribute. The Pashto language is the national language of Afghanistan and the Afghans know better how to enrich the language by the knowledge but the URDU and PANJABI people who works mostly in the Urdu and Punjabi wikipedia are willingly , intentionally trying to spread wrong information and make the place full of useless literary anarchy. they are political agents of Pakistan who tries to destroy not just adminship but the context of the Pashto wikipedia , as they have engaged in a small issues and made it bigger by postponing the extended literary works into that wikipedia. Please warn the (seendgay) also who belongs to the Usman Mansour Ansari gangs and he who spread not just vulgar language but intentionally misuse the free expression of speach and actions . he is supported by you guys because he manipulate the word of secular although he himself is not Pashtoon of either side of the region . he is mixing pashto with western words and seems to be the one who only came there to support Usman Mansour Ansari and his gang member Usman Shah. if you don't believe me please invite somebody afghan or pashtoon who shal not be the member in wikipedia then listen from him. We all who works in the wiki are living in the western countries and know the ethical boundaries of the literary works and the extremism of the vulgarity , we all know the street language and literature and respect. This guy is writing in half pashto half Urdu half English and then he say no to Punjabi , no to Farsi and no to ethics or moral. all he does is against the Khangul and against the Pashto wikipedia 's development. If I abruptly come into the English wikipedia and begin something wrong I may also get some warnings and then after third warning they will through me out of the wikipedia because of the irregularity or breakthroughs. please react neutrally and do not support the agents of Urdu or Panjabi wikipedias , nobody knows better a language than its native people. hope you do not waste everything of the pashto wikipedia just because the seendgay and USMAN SHAH or USMAN MANSOUR are equally misinterpreting and manipulating the words of freedom of speech, actions , secularism and liberalism. these all are the ideologies and thoughts of individual human being which is preserved by respect from each person. but if somebody smack me on my face am not going to turn the other .-- 15:23, 22 April 2015 (UTC) If You want me to discuss that locally how?????

If You want me to dicuss the issues locally why did you blocked me by just a defensive reply? or he was your best friend maybe because of that???

I want to discuss the whole issue anybody wants to discuss with me , but iam blocked and the second issue is there are people who made gangs (groups) three persons , when we want to discuss and come to a rational discussion they invite Urdu and Panjabi speaking people to engage in global talks. they bring issues to global wiki. why did you guys not letting pashto wikipedia to determine on their own moral and traditional values . We Afghans know better how to organize our characteristic values belonging to our own literary sources . we all are human and knows better the values of humanity and know how to preserve the human rights . we have that human rights in our blood and we (the educated afghans) know how to translate in our own language and where are our limits and how to respect people. these things are more far than the issue you guys support. please be neutral and respect everybody not just your own pakistanis or panjabis whatever. when they commit crimes against us we do have to defend ourselves. please clear your limits and boundaries then let us to engage in extending the knowledge to the pooor Afghan people who are under the dectatorship of Iranian , Pakistani made warlords and mafia rulers. people need to know their language and has the right to preserve knowledge . we Afghans are deprived of our own human rights by global attacks and regional Pakistani millitery conspiracies , they do not let us to educate our kids, children , women and sisters. hope you understand the situation . therefore Pakistanis and Iranians are everywhere because they have no war in their country and has fecilities to hinder our aknowledgements. --Afghanwrites (talk) 15:43, 22 April 2015 (UTC)