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Comments - read before usingEdit

  1. Template case matters (i.e., subst:spam vs subst:Spam) and the case may be wrong with some of these. Preview your edit before saving.
  2. Please feel free to add to this list.
  3. Corrections are also welcome.
  4. Use these at your own risk.


ar: {{subst:uw-spam1}}, {{subst:uw-spam2}}, {{subst:uw-spam3}}, {{subst:uw-spam4}}, {{subst:uw-spam4im}}

bg: {{замест:п-спам1}}, {{замест:П-спам2}}

ca: {{subst:Spam}}

cs: {{subst:Spam}}

da: ???

de: {{subst:Linkspam}}

en: {{subst:uw-spam1}}, {{subst:uw-spam2}}, {{subst:uw-spam3}}, {{subst:uw-spam4}}, {{subst:uw-spam4im}}

es: {{subst:Aviso spam1}}, {{subst:Aviso spam2}}, {{subst:Aviso spam3}}, {{subst:Aviso spam4}}

fa: {{هشدار خرابکاری}} , {{جا:خرابکار}} generic test templates OR {{تبلیغ مکنید}} no spam articles

fi: {{Subst:Spam}}, {{Subst:Spam|1}}, {{Subst:Spam|2}}

fr: {{subst:Bienvenue spammeur}}, {{subst:Bienvenue spammeur 2}}, {{subst:Bienvenue spammeur 3}}

he: {{פרסומת}}

hr: {{NS-spam1}}

hu: {{subst:Spam}}

id: {{subst:peringatan|spam}}

it: {{subst:Spam}}

ja: {{Subst:Spam}}

ko: {{되돌림}}, {{주의}}, {{경고}} generic vandalism warnings

lt: {{subst:Spam}}

lv: {{subst:Brīdinājums}} generic vandalism warning

ms: {{subst:Ujian}} ← generic test template

nl: {{subst:linksnoei}}, {{subst:linksnoei2}}

no: {{subst:Test-n}} generic vandalism template

pl: {{subst:Spam}} or {{subst:Spam-en}} (English version)

pt: {{subst:Av-Spam}}

ro: {{subst:au-spam}}

ru: {{subst:spam}}

simple: {{subst:spam}}

sk: {{subst:Reklama}}

sr: Шаблон:ВНГ}} Wikipedia is not a soapbox

sv: {{subst:Spam}}

th: {{subst:Spam}}, {{subst:Spam2}}, {{subst:Spam3}}, {{subst:Spam4}}

tr: {{subst:Spam)), {{subst:Spam2}}

uk: {{subst:spam}}

vi: {{subst:cb-spam1}}, {{subst:cb-spam2}}, {{subst:cb-spam3}}

zh: {{subst:uw-spam1}}, {{subst:uw-spam2}}, {{subst:uw-spam3}}, {{subst:uw-spam4}}, {{subst:uw-spam4im}}


b:en: {{subst:Spam}}


commons: {{subst:Spam}}


wikt:en: {{subst:spam}}


mw: {{subst:Spam}}


v:en: no specific template

I combined a header with the test3 template: ==Spam== <br />{{subst:Test3}}

Meta-Wiki (Meta)Edit

meta: {{subst:spam}} Note: template automatically includes signature -- there's no need to add "~~~~"

Finding warning templates for user talk pages on other projectsEdit

What if you don't understand the local langauage? Here are some ideas:

  • Try typing Template:Spam or Template:spam in the search box in the left column of a page on the project for which you need a user spam warning template. See if anything comes up.
    • If the project does have a {{spam}} template of some sort, make sure it's for user talk pages; sometimes projects use templates with that name to tag spam articles.
  • It greatly helps to first set your language preferences on other projects to English (or whatever language you prefer). See this user subpage of mine that discusses how to do this:
  • Go to w:en:Wikipedia:External links. Look at the left column to see if the Wikipedia you're interested in has a similar guideline. (For instance, "Français" links to fr:Wikipédia:Liens externes, the French version.) Go to that article, then click on "What links here" (French example). When you get the results page, filter it to just templates. Look at the templates that link to that page (French example) and you may find a spam warning for user talk pages. You can also see what links to the template page; sometimes users forget to use "subst" so you can see if the transcluded pages include articles or user talk pages.
    • If you can't tell which choice in the dropdown search menu is the template namespace, then type "Template:!" in the search box in the left-hand column and you'll see how "template" is spelled in that language.
  • Sometimes a project (for example, WikiBooks) in one language doesn't have a spam warning template but a sister project such as Wikipedia does. Use the language from the other project.
  • As you find new warnings, please update this page.