Hello to all of my Wikimates!

Before we start anything in "Discussion" section, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Mohamed Hakimi, and you can call me Hakimi. I am currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Malaysia. My native languages are Standard Malay and Standard Chinese, since my father and my mother are from two different races and cultures. I can speak well in English, but very little in Japanese, Spanish and Arabic. Even though I can speak the standardized variety of Malay and Chinese languages just like other native speakers, it is quite surprising that I am not able to speak any of the regional dialects related to both languages! Perhaps this is because I am living in urban area. Nevertheless, I am keen to learn more regional dialects.

My English proficiency is still required further improvisation up to professional level due to more exposure related to research field. If I have some time, I would like to learn how to speak Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic languages.

Last but not least, I wish that I can contribute more in Wikipedia, not only for sharing knowledge with everyone but also improving my writing skills for future publication.

That's all, thank you.