Hello to all of my Wikimates!

Before we start discussing, let me introduce myself.

My name is Mohamed Hakimi, and you can call me Hakimi. I am currently pursuing the undergraduate degree level in Malaysia. If you want, you can guess which university I come from. My native languages are Malay and Chinese, since my father and my mother are from two different races and cultures. I can speak well in English, but little in Japanese, Spanish and Arabic. Even I can use Malay and Chinese language just like other native speakers, but it is quite surprising that I cannot use both languages' dialects at all, such as Cantonese, Hakka, Kelantanese, and Kedahan! Anyway, I will try to learn the dialects, even just a little.

Currently, I am trying to push my English proficiency level to another stage, which is the advance level. If I have other chances, I also want to approach Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic languages. It is also quite fun if I am able to speak in English with other accents, especially British and American accents, because I admire both accents so much!

Before I give my last words, I want to share my hope with you guys. I wish that I can share more knowledge with other people, thus give more and more contribution towards Wikipedia.

Thank you.