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My statement on the issues in czech wiki from Sept 11th 22:00 UTCEdit

On September 10th 23:59:59 sommertime Middle european time (i.e. 21.59.59 UTC) there ended a voting on the question, if the user V. Z. should be banned from the czech wikipedia. The voting was 33 : 3; we accepted only users with more them 100 edits; see cs:Wikipedie:Zablokování wikipedisty Z.

History: After his desysoping, the user V. Z. started a serie of injuries of other users, of destabilisation of the czech wikipedia, he permanently provoked and disturbed the work here and the otherwise good athmosphere.

He also injured the regullation No legal threats (twice times). After one admin of ou had blocked an anonymous user, who injured another one, the user V. Z. had reverted this, promissing, he will revert this every next time. He also reverted some issues very often, one of them more then three times. Partly he used his puppet account as user "Z".

For these reasons he was blocked several times by several admins. At last, his puppet-account User Z was blocked Infinite.

On August 26th user Z. started a blog ( where he continued in attacks on other users (bastards, lyers, asocials, idiots, …). Secondly, he renewed here an obstruction against other wikipedians (no legal threats, 2nd time); but very important is here the first isue in this blog from August 26, where he explains why he started this blog: Jak známo, na Wikipedii není možné postovat osobní útoky. To vede k censuře či autocensuře. Aby byla tato neblahá situace napravena (každá censura je špatná), založil jsem tento blog. Translated: It is not possible to post personell attacks on wikipedia. This leads to a censorship and a autocensorship. To improve this situation (every censorship is bad) I started this blog.'

The quite enormous result of the voting shows, that there is no possibility for a cooperation in the next future. Surely, by the middle of the month, we shall have a new regullation how to vote in the czech wikipedia (also a voting, ending on Sept 17). Then, it is no problem, wes hall be able to discuss the question of the user V. Z. once again, if there is a need and a consensus on this question.

After the end of voting this midnight, I have blocked also the account V. Z. for infinite, according to the vote of the community.

This statement is a privat one of mine. The opinions are my own only. For other opinions on the matter please contact other user of the czech wikipedia.

-jkb- 22:04, 10 September 2005 (UTC) (admin in the czech wikipedia since November 2004)