Upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4

ngungo@56degrees.com, is attempting to upgrade his media wiki, here are his commands, in order.

in briefEdit

  1. Back up the database (in case something goes wrong installing)
  2. Untar the new mediawiki version into its own new folder
  3. Redirect (symlink) traffic (from the old wiki folder) to that new folder
  4. chmod the new wiki folder's /config directory to 777 (everyone can do everything with it)
  5. Point your browser to the wiki's index.php or config/index.php
  6. Fill out that install form (see note below)
  7. Move the generated localsettings.php in /config up one directory
  8. chmod the /config directory back to non-readable, writable, or executable
  9. Replace the /images directory with the old /images
  10. Restart apache.

Note from another user performing the same upgrade: after filling in the install form, the upgrade failed because my database user didn't have the CREATE privilege on the wiki database. If your upgrade fails in the same way, ensure the database user has the CREATE privilege and just reload the upgrade status page.

Or from command lineEdit

Joe D upgraded by:

  1. Backing up database (mysqldump) and web directory
  2. Unpack mediawiki 1.4 to clean folder
  3. Copy AdminSettings and to clean folder, copying database settings from old LocalSettings
  4. lock database and run ./maintenance/update.php to update the database
  5. Copy everything from clean dir into web dir
  6. Update LocalSettings
  7. Copy old stylesheets and uploads directory from backup dir to web dir

for details of each task see Upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3