University lexicon group

This page is devoted to coordinating content between university lexicons and other academic word databases, and Wiktionary. Many university departments develop their own wordlists and lexicons for research purposes, or acquire wordlists from private sources.

Lexicon typesEdit

  • Simple wordlists
  • Dictionaries, thesauri
  • Multilingual/translation dictionaries

Specialized Reference WorksEdit

  • Jargon files
  • Slang collections; with extensive local usage examples

Potential universitiesEdit

  • Johns Hopkins
  • Harvard / MIT (Linguistics departments)
  • University of Leiden
  • Brigham Young (Translation research group)

Issues and complicationsEdit

  • License preservation
    In some cases, licenses may be compatible in only one direction.
  • Integration of different metadata formats
    Schema modifications or at least conversion scripts will generally be needed, if there is to be two-way coordination.

Technical logisticsEdit

Specific policiesEdit

Interested membersEdit