Universal Code of Conduct/Coordinating Committee/Election/2024/Candidates/Luke081515

Account Luke081515 (talk meta edits global user summary CA)
Candidate details
  • Languages: de, en, fr (a bit)
  • Region: NWE (Germany)
  • Active wikis: mainly de, been also active at commons or wikidata, but not recently
  • Wikimedian since: 2013
Selected home wiki
Type of seat (regional; community-at-large; or both) (division of regional seats) regional, NWE or community-at-large
Candidate Introduction
Introductory statement / Application summary (maximum 200 words): Why are you running for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee? What would you contribute? Hi, I'm Luke and I would like to volunteer for the U4C. I was one of the main initiators of the Open letter of the arbcoms and member of the phase 2 drafting committee of the guidelines.
Please describe your Wikimedia experience (such as contributions to the Wikimedia projects, memberships in Wikimedia organizations or affiliates, experience working on conduct issues in your community, activities as a Wikimedia movement organizer, or participation in building Wikimedia policies). I'm a member of the german arbcom since june 2018, been contributing at dewiki since 2013. I wrote some bots, and also know the technical side of mediawiki, which sometimes helped me to support conflict resolutions with technical possibilities.
Professional Experience, Skills and Education
Please briefly describe 3 situations that show how you worked on, or advised others on, a complex conduct or policy issue. How did you work with others to address the situations? In my arbcom work I had multiple situations. They start where you can find a solution between both parties. For those, you can use for example also voice chats with the involved parties to understand there situation and then suggest a solution. This is the best way, to find a compromise. But in most situations this is sadly not possible, so you have to find a way for both parties so avoid the conflict as you can't solve it. This for example can be done with interaction bans. And then you have the situation where you need to proctect one party from another, so you take hard actions to protect the other party.
Leadership Experience
Can you describe a policy, on wiki or off, that you helped to create or change? What did you learn from this experience? In the german wikipedia, I initiated multiple RfCs, one of them was creating an additional protection level between autoconfirmed and sysops, which helped to deal with articles that got affected by a lot of single purpose accounts. I was also a member of the enforcement guideslines drafting committee at phase 2.
How have you been able to empower people to make their voices heard? When people contacted me with problems, I showed them the possibilities how they can act against problems, recommended them the steps I would take.
Sometimes in professional situations, there are personality conflicts. Explain how you remain productive even with personality conflicts. In my article work I'm present at areas without conflicts. When there are conflicts in my work, they are mainly related my arbcom work. In those situations I try to bring the discussion back to the facts, so that we can try to find a solution. I try not to take things personally, and remaining calm.
Strategic Thinking
In your opinion, how can the U4C be a positive influence in the Wikimedia movement? The U4C can be a good way to handle global issues, and improve the governance by the communitys. It can delegate issues to the local communities unless there is a systematic failure in a project. If so, it can resolve the problem due it's competences and gain higher acceptance as those actions were decided by a community elected committee.
How would you help the Universal Code of Conduct develop and improve over time? Hard to say from the current perspective, I guess after having the U4C running for some time, we will need to take a look what needs to be improved.