Uncreationism is a Wikipedia faction, similar to inclusionism and deletionism. However, unlike those factions, uncreationism attempts to achieve a compromise by retroactively causing bad articles not to have been created in the first place, thereby eliminating the need for VfD, speedy deletions, and arguments over what should be kept and what should be deleted. It is hoped that uncreationism can reconcile the two camps and allow harmony to prevail over the Wiki.

Unfortunately, attempts to implement uncreationism on Wikipedia have resulted in several unsolved (as of 2005) problems, most notably that no reliable method for altering the past has yet been discovered.

By the year 2010, wikipedia became self-aware and decided that the best way to uncreate article was to send cyborgs back in time to kill editors before they could create bad articles.

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Perhaps this policy can be implemented by simply training the parents of future wikipedians. Thus can be created a generation of quality article writers. It has therefore been possible to change the past, but not until a lot later, when the observer is looking back and saying 'we changed the past to change the future' hurrah.

Seems like what is needed is a Yetrospective* look at future wikipedia pages.