Two Americas

For the joke "You have two Americas," see "You have two cows."

An injustice is being perpetrated on Wikipedia against the disadvantaged. The fascoimperialist-capitalist bourgeiose cabal has consistently purged all reference to the "other America" from all Wikipedias. Meridian Hills, Indiana holds one of the only examples that the cabal has missed. ("As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 1,712...As of the census of 2000, there are 1,713 people...residing in the town.") All other articles referring to the United States and its cities refer only to the capitalist First America. This injustice must be ended!


To correct this bias, the following is proposed:

  • United States will be split into United States (first), for the corrupt capitalists, and United States (second), for the heroic proletariat.
  • All articles pertaining to U.S. cities shall have the same done to them.
  • The original articles will be turned into articles simliar to disambiguation pages.
  • A template, {{twoamericas}}, will be created to be placed on each page. It will read as follows:

This page provides links to both Americas. If you are a corrupt capitalist, click on the first link. Otherwise, use the second.