Turkic Marathon

Turkic Marathon is an event organised for increasing content about Turkic societies in different languages.

The idea of this contest appeared during Wikimania 2016 meeting. Turkic Marathon will be based on successfull regional and international cooperation like CEE Spring, Asian Month.

Turkic Marathon aims at joining local forces of free knowledge to accumulate and distribute information about history, culture, traditions and people in every corner of Turkic culture to support mutual acknowledgement and understanding and to increase the quantity and quality of free knowledge available about Turkic society globally.

The event itself takes place (dates to be determined).

Local competitions are organised by local organizers and in different communities it can have different form of participations (contest, thematic week, individual participation of increasing content).

International organisersEdit

Feel free to contact all of us with any questions concerning Turkic Marathon

Name Username Country (and region) Edited Wiki
Viktor Semeniuk visem Ukraine Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar, Sakha, Bashkir
Rustam Nuriev Рөстәм Нурыев Bashkortostan Bashkir
Eldar Azimov Eldarado Azərbaycan azwiki, trwiki
Farhad Fatkullin frhdkazan Tatarstan Tatar

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