"Wikipedia/Wikidata is the worst of all settings dealing with #Data #Information #Knowledge. Except for all the others that have been tried." /sms ;-)


Let's Reset Wikipedia/Wikidata from scratch: #TheGreatReset ;-)Edit


  1. The User Experience ;-)
  2. Wikipedia and Wikidata are not separate
  3. The version history can be searched intensively
  4. A professional #CommunityCare guarantees: Anyone Can Edit
  5. The Talk Page is based on Reddit best practice
  6. The #NextNotability is based on Wikidata best practice
  7. Keeping: “Wikipedia is not Paper”, “Assume good faith” & #SmartSetting

The best in collaborative work. Learned from working with Wikipedia/Wikidata:


  1. Computer mediated Communication
  2. Acceptance to work on a common Question (Lemma, Topic, Question)
  3. Commitment without binding


  1. To be a Party Host and
  2. To be a Traffic Cop (Not Police Officer).
  3. Always be a Full-time Enabler


  1. One valid sitelink
  2. Open available references
  3. It is needed to make Data, Information, Knowledge in other items more useful

#Xerocracy (Meta)Edit

  1. Find a Solution & adopt it.
  2. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.
  3. If you can’t fix the broken: Find a next Solution.


  1.   Support
  2.   Support
  3.   Support


  1.   Oppose
  2.   Oppose
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