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Tools and processes usually work in tandem in the context of trust and safety issues and developing one usually involved evolving the other as well.

Programmatic workEdit

Community Health InitiativeEdit

As part of Trust and Safety's Foundation portfolio, the team collaborates with Community Tech and Legal teams on a multi-year project of research, product development, and policy growth to help the Wikimedia volunteer community to reduce the level of harassment and disruptive behavior on our projects. This initiative, called the Community Health Initiative (CHI) addresses the major forms of harassment reported on the Wikimedia Foundation’s 2015 Harassment Survey, which covers a wide range of different behaviors: content vandalism, stalking, name-calling, trolling, doxxing, discrimination, anything that targets individuals for unfair and harmful attention. You can learn more about CHI on the initiative's own page.

Voices under ThreatEdit

In close collaboration with a group of volunteers, Trust and Safety is building and pooling resources with aligned organizations on how to navigate external risks and threats to individual contributors and groups supporting open knowledge; identifying, establishing relationships with, and facilitating appropriate support for marginalized or disenfranchised Wikimedians.

Privacy, Security, and Data ManagementEdit

The goal of this program conducted in close partnership with the Legal and Security teams is to develop, maintain and mature our privacy, security, and data management practices in order to protect Wikimedia community member and donor information, comply with applicable privacy and data protection regulations, and ensure safe and secure connection to Wikimedia projects and sites in accordance with the values of the movement.

Core processesEdit

Office actions are tasks Trust and Safety carries out on the Foundation's platforms in the pursuant to the Terms of Use. The office actions policy is a set of guidelines and procedures regarding such official changes to or removals of content on the Wikimedia projects, or actions against specific individuals, performed by Foundation staff members and under the authority of the Wikimedia Foundation, upon receipt of one or multiple complaints from the community or the public, or as required by law. Complaints that may lead to enforcement of office actions may regard, but are not limited to, privacy violations, child protection, copyright infringement or systematic harassment. You can learn more about office actions on the related policy page.