Trust and Safety/Resources

 Trust & Safety Resources Programs and Processes 

Trust and Safety has built and maintains a range of publicly available resources related to the wellbeing and best practices serving the volunteer communities the Foundation supports.

Training modules edit

The team built and maintains a range of training modules for users dedicated to Trust and Safety issues. Functionary and community governance groups – including stewards, admins, global admins, and Arbitration Committees – play a crucial administrative and editorial role on all our sites, especially in curtailing harassment of volunteers and arbitrating and resolving disputes. To help these functionary and community governance groups better coordinate their work, we have facilitated in the development of a training platform and guided the establishment of a module based around the critical area of addressing harassment. You can try the modules out on their dashboard.

Resources pages edit

Complementary to the training for functionaries on best practices for handling of cases, the team has built resources pages for community members that help people to navigate these difficult topics and find potential help.