For links to Wikipedia, please use the interwiki prefix "m:" (of MetaWiki) before the language code for the language edition of Wikipedia. Otherwise, the interwiki may not work correctly on all wikis where this news will be posted.

It is not necessary to keep the "w:" prefix after "m:" because "w:" (Wikipedia) on MetaWiki links by default to the English edition, and all language codes used as interwiki codes are pointing to Wikipedia on that language.

E.g. please don't use "zh:正则表达式" to translate the target link "m:w:regular expressions", because it will not work correctly when it is posted on all other wikis except Wikipedia editions, and it will also not work correctly when it is posted on Chinese Wikipedia (which rejects the "zh:" prefix).

For example "m:w:regular expressions" is equivalent to "m:en:regular expressions", and can be translated as "m:zh:正则表达式" to link to the Chinese Wikipedia article.

The prefix "m:" is recognized in all Wikimedia wikis as an interwiki code to MetaWiki (including on MetaWiki itself where it is safely ignored), and never as a language code for localized wikis, and never as a local namespace name in those wikis. So keep it to make links work everywhere.

Also make sure when translating Tech news to also use short interwiki codes for linking to project wikis: when you use long codes (such as "commons:" instead of "c:") it will conflict with the local Project namespace name on that same wiki and the link will not go to the correct page.