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#wikipedia is Wikipedia’s central IRC channel. In addition to Wikipedians who frequent the channel, #wikipedia is also visited by newbies who follow a link to the channel in Wikipedia or on the web, or who simply join the most obvious channel, and by people who are looking for the foundation or other projects. Admins from many other Wikimedia projects can also be frequently found on the channel.

غرض القناة edit

The functions of the channel are:

  • The front lobby of Wikimedia's IRC channels.
  • The helpline for Wikipedia and other projects
  • Providing admin help for users of Wikipedia and other projects
  • "Reference desk" for help with finding articles in Wikipedias
  • Discussion about and collaboration on articles in Wikipedias
  • Discussion about Wikipedia in general

Due to the great success of Wikipedia as compared with other Wikimedia projects, the channel is often seen as the front of Wikimedia's IRC presence. Officially this is #wikimedia, but the fact remains most newcomers will go to #wikipedia, and this should be kept in mind.

In addition, the channel serves as Wikipedia's lounge, where Wikipedians discuss and debate encyclopedic subjects, the theory and practice of encyclopedias and their other common interests.

هذه الصفحة edit

This page sets out the core guidelines of the #wikipedia channel, including the standards we expect both of its users and of its channel operators. Although these guidelines are important, they are not exhaustive and there is flexibility in their enforcement. For this reason, they are generally addressed as guidelines rather than rules.

التحدث في القناة edit

The channel is often lively and involved in several discussions at once. It may look confusing to unaccustomed eyes, but don't worry about it - simply go ahead and ask your question. If the channel seems to be deserted, ask your question anyway, and somebody should be along shortly.

The tone in #wikipedia is anywhere between relaxed and academic. Please do not SHOUT, insult people, or be annoying on purpose. Be civil, and assume good faith. Try to tune your language to the register you would use between colleagues at the office, not in your living room or when addressing a public assembly.

Consider that people in the channel are of many different ages and from many different places, and have different language skills. If in doubt, err on the side of politeness. Bear in mind that although IRC is an immediate medium, it doesn't transmit facial expressions and tones of voice, therefore subtle irony, cynicism and humour are likely to be misinterpreted. Consider this both when writing and when reading.

If you find somebody too annoying, rather than trying to fight it out, make use of the "/ignore" or "/silence" commands of IRC to hide their messages from your channel window. If somebody appears unwilling to talk to you, it's best to leave them alone.

Although English is the most often used and understood language in #wikipedia, there is no “official” language of the channel, and other languages may be used as well.

المواضيع edit

Wikipedians are encyclopedists, and they are interested in all things. All sorts of things are discussed, but due to the channel name it is expected that Wikipedia itself be given priority when help is requested in this area.

Please do not use the channel for the following:

  • Canvassing for votes in RFA, AFD, DRV, etc.
  • Canvassing for a Good Article nomination, or reviewing an article via IRC, bypassing the normal on-wiki GA review process
  • Insulting, demeaning, plotting, planning or inciting actions against Wikipedians, trolls, vandals, Wikipedia critics, or anybody
  • Flame wars
  • Extensive discussions about private matters or subjects unconnected to Wikipedia. Use private messages or ad-hoc channels for those
  • Spamming links or the same phrases repeatedly into the channel over time
  • “Flooding” the channel, whereby so many lines of text get pasted in the channel that it becomes disruptive
  • Running bots that speak in the channel or are operated through typing in the channel without the explicit permission of the channel contacts.

لا سجلات علنية edit

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As in most other Wikimedia IRC channels, although it is perfectly acceptable for you to log your conversations for your own personal purposes, the posting of those logs (or any substantial part of them) in a public forum is strictly prohibited. Logs may only be published if people quoted in the text have given explicit consent.

المشغلون edit

Main article: Operator guidelines

The #wikipedia channel operators (‘ops’) are experienced members of the Wikipedia community and the #wikipedia irc channel, who are known to be level-headed, reliable and trustworthy. They have the ability to take various actions involved in the maintenance of the channel.

The ops are expected to maintain high standards of personal conduct on IRC, beyond the standards expected of other users.

المسؤولية عن القناة edit

As with all Wikimedia IRC channels, ultimate responsibility lies with the IRC Group Contacts. However, on a day to day basis the following contact and deputies have responsibility for managing the op team that, in turn, manage the channel.

  • Mark Ryan
  • Martinp23