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Wikimania lies at the intersection of many different circles of people — academics, legal scholars, subject experts, community leaders, software hackers and entrepreneurs. During the day, the conference rooms of the Haus der Jugend will be dedicated to presentations, workshops, and group discussions. Below is the programme of these events. There will be other spontaneous events at the conference develops; long lunches and breaks in the afternoon are reserved for people to make their own plans.

Not all presentations will be in English; the language of each will be made clear in the presentation abstracts linked to below. Times given are local to Frankfurt (UTC +2 at the time of the convention). Many of the presenters below wrote papers associated with their presentation; some people submitted excellent papers but were unable to come in person. A full list of accepted papers, presentations and workshops is being drafted as a Wikibook: Proceedings of Wikimania 2005. Posters will be on display thoughtout the event, and their creators will be available during afternoon break each day to answer questions about them. Recordings will be made of speakers in the Großer Saal (pronounced "Grosser", Big Hall) and Kleiner Saal (Small Hall). Translation may be available for some of the sessions in the Großer Saal. Photos and other media of the Wikimania events may be added to and found in the galleries on WikiCommons.

Tentative programmeEdit

Thursday, 4th of August
Kleiner Saal: Informal discussions with visiting developers : Christophe Ducamp (Craowiki), Ludovic Dubost (xwiki), Sven Dowideit (Twiki), Eugene Kim (PurpleWiki), Brion Vibber (MediaWiki), Ward Cunningham (c2 wiki), and much, much more.
Friday, 5th of August
Time Großer Saal Kleiner Saal SR E11 SR E10 SR E12
9:30-11:00 Series: Semantic web
Daniel Kinzler, Mining the Wiki

John Breslin, An ontology for describing and exchanging articles²
Markus Krötzsch, et al. Wikipedia and the Semantic Web
Jakob Voss, Metadata with Personendaten and beyond

Erik Zachte, Timeline of Human History

Samuel Klein, History of the Reference Work

Cormac Lawler (Wikipedia as a learning community)

Andreas Brand (Comparing WP with other open source projects)

Oscar van Dillen: Wikimedia, somewhere between Art and Science

Frédéric Philipp Thiele* (Wiki Trifft Pixel

Workshop: Theodoranian, Chinese conversion the wiki way

Michael Anobile (Translation and localization)

11:00-12:30 Keynote: Jimmy Wales, Opening remarks
14:30-16:30 Series: Wikimedia in the Developing World:
Florence Devouard, How to get Wikimedia into the developing world

Achal Prabhala: Access to learning materials in Southern Africa
Kasper Souren: Thoughts on the Bambara Wikipedia²

Domas Mituzas (HyperWiki)

Brion Vibber (Embedding MediaWiki into Applications)
Janne Jalkanen (RPC/WebDAV)

Boud (NPOV and meme evolution)

Revo Arko Soekatno (Indonesian language)

Tsila Hassine (NPOV dispute dynamics

Workshop: Jean-Baptiste Soufron and Enrique Chaparro, (Copyright lessons)
16:30-17:00 Break with poster sessions and lightning talks
17:00-18:30 The Politics of Wikimedia panel: Moderated by Andrew Lih.

Jimmy Wales
Jean-Baptiste Soufron, Politics of Wikimedia
Isaac Mao, We-create-pedia in China
Ascander Suarez & Juan David Ruiz, The Spanish Fork of Wikipedia

Salvor Gissurardottir (Education with wikis
Roland Burger (Long-term sustainable development)

Workshop: Andre Engels, Pywikipedia bot framework Workshop: Gerard Meijssen, Sound Workshop: Thomas Gries (Interwiki)
18:30-19:15 Trivia contest (in the Terrasensaal)
Saturday, 6th of August
Time Großer Saal Kleiner Saal SR E11 SR E10 SR E12
09:30-11 Erik Moeller (MediaWiki future)

Wolfgang Georgsdorf (WikiSign dictionary)

Andreas Brändle (Content quality), Tsahi Hayat (Cross-cultural study) Workshop: Jakob Voss and Erik Zachte, Analysing and visualizing Wikipedia

Robert Bonato (Network Analysis

Workshop: Thomas Thaler, Strategies for free content

Douwe Osinga Getting paid to write free content

Workshop: Hanno Wagner, GPG workshop and key-signing
11-12:30 Keynote: Ross Mayfield (Enterprise Wiki use - Case studies and analysis)
12:30-14:30 LUNCH
14:30-16:00 Rodrigo Vergara* (Logos: world's largest free dictionary)

Gerard Meijssen, (Ultimate Wiktionary)

Eugene Kim (A look at modern collaboration)

Tim Starling (How you can help out with MediaWiki)

Jama Poulsen (Wikicompany)

Jan Ulrich Hasecke (Wikitution
Phoebe Ayers (Wikipedia users
Cathy Ma (Anons as good users)

Russell Buckley (Extending Wikipedia into the Physical World)
Limor Garcia (Cellphedia inspirations and future)

Christina Hengel² & Barbara Pfeifer (VIAF: Linking the Library of Congress and OCLC records with Personendaten)
Tentative: Ronald Beelaard on Searching in Libraries.

16:00-16:30 Break with poster sessions and lightning talks
16:30-18:30 Keynote: Ward Cunningham, (Wikis then and now)
20:00 BIG WIKIMANIA PARTY (off site)
Sunday, 7th of August
Time Großer Saal Kleiner Saal SR E11 SR E10 SR E12
9:30-11:00 Sunir Shah (Wiki communities)

Killian Kissling, Directmedia (German DVD)

Stefan Magdalinski (WikiProxy)

Jan-Bart de Vreede (Wiki in Dutch Education)

Workshop, Frank Antwerpes: (Long-term support for Wikimedia) Workshop: Arnulf Christi (Open Geo data projects)

Jens Kammann (Geo-coding articles and images)

11:00-12:30 Keynote: Richard Stallman, Copyright and Community
12.30-14.30 LUNCH, final media-contest submissions & judging
14:30-16:00 Global Voices panel: moderated by: Achal Prabhala:

Milton Ainehuranga: Women of Uganda Network
Hossein Derakhshan: Wiki use in Iran
Isam Bayazidi: Technology in schools and Open-Content Awareness in Arab Countries
Isaac Mao: TBA

Lambert Heller (Scientific publishing via wiki), Marco Prestipino (Creating knowledge in virtual communities) Workshop, Brion Vibber: Extending and Customizing MediaWiki Workshop, Tobias Dahinden: Kartengestaltung in Wikipedia*
16:00-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-17:00 Awards ceremony
17:00-18:00 Closing Session: Panel discussoin with the Wikimedia Board of Trustees

Key: Presentations marked with a "²" are 10-15 minutes long. Others are usually 30 minutes. Presentations marked with a "*" are given in a language other than English.

Additional EventsEdit

  • The exibition Places & Spaces: Cartography of the Physical and the Abstract (see Website) with examples of fine cartography that will be shown during the conference.
  • Tables will be set up with demonstrations of online mapping tools (thanks to Arnulf Christi) and recent integration of Wikipedia into Apple widgets (thanks to Apple representatives).
  • Other tables will be set up with poster presentations of rcbirds (auralization of Wikipedia's Recentchanges) and recent university projects studying Wikipedia.

There will be a number of special trips on Monday -- including guided trips to the local library, a tour of the city, and some partying on Saturday night. (see Social events for more information).