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Wikimedia有带来数以万计从全世界的志愿者的视觉。 这分散的结构使重要对Wikimedia是可认识的作为一个组织。 对于此,我们有共同目标,但是我们也有一个共同的视觉身分。 -- 这styleguide被设计提供所有在和没有Wikimedia组织之内一个清楚的规则组跟随为对我们的商标、商标和颜色的最佳的使用。 注意Wikimedia商标的衍生物不可以被出版没有从基础的预先核准。

这个样式指南是基础的正式政策。--Jimbo Wales 21:59, 25 February 2006 (UTC)[reply]


维基媒体的图标(logo)是有一个符号和名称组成 由标志和名字组成。 两个元素紧密地连接并且应该在此后被描述的框架之内只使用。 这个样式指南提出应该一直跟随为了保留Wikimedia身分的正直的一套基本规则。


商标包括4个颜色: 红色,绿色,蓝色和灰色。 颜色为不同的可能的媒介被定义,并且不应该改变。


  • 颜色商标的例子:




商标的以下版本在灰色极谱环境里供用途使用。 原始的颜色的自动翻译在灰色极谱的在不会回报适当的作用,请使用被列出的颜色规格颜色下面说明部分 为灰色结垢商标。

  • 灰色极谱商标的例子:



In case the logo needs to be used in a monochrome environment (fax, rubber stamps, promotional objects etc.), it should only be used in black (on light backgrounds), or white (on dark backgrounds).

  • Example of monochrome logo



The logo should be placed, where applicable, in the top right corner of the page. The logo should always be surrounded by margins of at least the size of the red circle's diameter (see figure)


Logo usage

  • The colored Wikimedia logo should always be used on a white or very light gray background (max. 15% black), never on a colored background.
  • The logo should not be turned around or distorted



Color/Scheme CMYK (print) Pantone (print alternative) RGB (screen) Greyscale
C M Y K Coated Uncoated R G B hex
红色 25% 100% 100% 25% 1805 n/a 153 0 0 #990000 75%
蓝色 93% 58% 18% 2% 301 267 0 102 153 #006699 50%
绿色 80% 15% 75% 0% 348 348 51 153 102 #339966 25%
维基百科 0% 0% 0% 75% 446 443 72 72 72 #484848 75%
复线 0% 0% 0% 60% Cool Grey 11 Cool Grey 11 102 102 102 #666666 60%

Incorporation of elements in the Wikimedia signature

The Wikimedia logo is the basic visual identity of any branch of the organisation, and the sign by which the organisation will be instantly recognized. However, there are cases where a declination might be useful, especially in order to differentiate the different units of Wikimedia, ie. Foundation and local chapters mainly.

On the websites of the Foundation and local chapters, the following rules apply:

  • The full logo will be used, and a subline will be added under the word WIKIMEDIA.
  • The subline can be localized (eg. name of the country in the relevant language/languages). It can consist of one or more lines and can be written in the relevant script/ideograms. The WIKIMEDIA part of the logo will not be localized.
  • The subline should be resized at 60% of the size of the word WIKIMEDIA, and its color is 60% black. The font is GillSans bold. A replacement font in scripts not supported can be DejaVu Sans

See the following examples for possible declinations:


Letterheads and business cards

In order to keep the signature intact, localized Wikimedia logos should not be used on business cards and letterheads, but the branch of the organisation should appear prominently in the design.

Letterheads and business cards should never be issued without express authorization from the Wikimedia Foundation or the relevant chapters. Please ask the Wikimedia Foundation or the Local chapter in your country for guidelines concerning letterheads and business cards.


  • The font GillSans is the one used for the logo. It should be used as much as possible in printed material. However, since this is not a font available by default on most computers, Arial should be the preferred font for the body of letters, faxes, documents. Arial is present on most computers and allows editable documents to be read without any problems.

Gill Sans light


Gill Sans regular


Gill Sans bold