Translation requests/WMF/Answers

This is a page for coordinating translations of Answers. An FAQ, the Answers on that page rotate through into indexes as they become stale. Each month's worth of Answers is, in a sense, a separate document.

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Procedure for requesting a new translation edit

{{request for translation2|open}}
{{Translation/Translation requests/WMF/Answers/Month Year}}
This is the translation request for the Wikimedia Foundation's [[:wmf:Answers archive/Month Year]]. It covers all content on that page.

See [[Translation requests/WMF/Answers]] for other requests and more information.
  • Follow the new redlinked template from the subpage. Paste in the following, replacing "month" and "year" with the appropriate information:

<!-- Statuses:
* missing - not done at all
* progress - being worked on/started
* proofreading - being proofread for errors
* needs updating - an update is needed
* updating - the translation is being updated
* done - the translation is complete and is ready for publishing
* published - the translation is published
 |am  | missing
 |ar  |missing
 |az  |missing
 |be  |missing
 |be-tarask  |missing
 |bg  |missing
 |bn  |missing
 |bo  |missing
 |bs  |missing
 |ca  |missing
 |cs  |missing
 |cy  |missing
 |da  |missing
 |de  |missing
 |dsb |missing
 |el  |missing
 |en  |published
 |eo  |missing
 |es  |missing
 |fa  |missing
 |fi  |missing
 |fr  |missing
 |gl  |missing
 |he  |missing
 |hi  |missing
 |hr  |missing
 |hsb |missing
 |hu  |missing
 |id  |missing
 |ia  |missing
 |it  |missing
 |ja  |missing
 |ka  |missing
 |ko  |missing
 |la  |missing
 |lb  |missing
 |lv  |missing
 |lt  |missing
 |mk  |missing
 |ms  |missing
 |mt  |missing
 |ne  |missing
 |nb  |missing
 |nl  |missing
 |oc  |missing
 |pam |missing
 |pcd |missing
 |pl  |missing
 |pt  |missing
 |ro  |missing
 |ru  |missing
 |sh  |missing
 |si  |missing
 |sk  |missing
 |sr  |missing
 |sv  |missing
 |tl  |missing
 |tgl |missing
 |tr  |missing
 |uk  |missing
 |ur  |missing
 |vi  |missing
 |yue |missing
 |zh-hans |missing
 |zh-hant |missing

 |page  =Translation requests/WMF/Answers/Month Year
 |source=Translation requests/WMF/Answers/Month Year

 |destination   = [[wmf:Answers archive/Month Year|Month Year]]
 |source update = year-month
 |source revid  = {{{1|}}}

 |align = {{{align|right}}}