Translation Fellowship Project/Plan

This is the plan for improving the translator experience on Meta, which is what I am working on at the moment. Comments, feedback, questions and suggestions are very welcome.


  • improve the translator experience in the meta translation request system
  • incorporate the translation extension more clearly into the meta translation process
  • improve the process for requesting a translation


  • translation requests are completed in high priority languages (defined per translation by the requester) within 1 week
  • qualitative feedback from translators demonstrates improved usability




  • new page for requesters to request translations (including link to text, any notes, priority languages, and time-frame)
  • working version of a new translation meta page up and available for translator feedback


  • integrating the fundraiser translation and the meta translation hub
  • notifications system (Global messages/email) for translators
  • feedback from translators on translation extension improvements (i18n-team dependent)
  • signup process and recruitment of new translators

Use cases


I am a translator, and I want to …

  1. find translation requests for my language easily
  2. be notified when new requests appear for my language
  3. be able to translate/proofread easily, with access to all necessary information on one screen
  4. understand when and how I’m supposed to update a translation’s status
  5. ask questions about the source text and get a timely response
  6. easily change something if I see it is incorrect

I am the one requesting a translation, and I want to …

  1. easily request a text for translation, including defining priority languages and turnaround time
  2. notify translators for relevant languages that a new request has been made in their language
  3. see all translations by status (especially which ones are ready)
  4. (in some cases) easily export ready/updated translations to somewhere else