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Sharing media quiz

¡Prueba tú mismo!
Let's review some of what you've learned. Which of the following IS an acceptable form of media to share on Commons?
  1. A promotional poster for a movie, shared by the movie studio to newspapers to promote the film. (haga clic para expandir o contraer)
    INCORRECT. Promotional posters are still under copyright, they just have an agreement with media outlets on how to use them. Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons aren't privy to those agreements, so you shouldn't use promotional images of movies, musicians, actors or other figures unless they are in the public domain or shared under a free license.
  2. An image you found on a website for free clip art. (haga clic para expandir o contraer)
    INCORRECT. Just because a website says you can use its images for free, doesn't mean they allow images to be re-used or re-hosted elsewhere. Unless they specifically link to a license that says it's OK to reuse or repurpose, you shouldn't use it!
  3. A picture you've taken of a new painting in the university museum. (haga clic para expandir o contraer)
    INCORRECT. You can't take pictures of copyrighted materials, such as an artist's painting. Likewise, you can't upload audio recordings of live performances of music.
  4. A political cartoon from a 150-year-old newspaper. (haga clic para expandir o contraer)
    CORRECT! You can scan, or photograph, images in the public domain. Most likely, an image in a 150-year-old newspaper has fallen out of copyright, and could be shared.

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