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Article quality quiz

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Which of the following is NOT a sign of a strong Wikipedia article?
  1. It has a "Featured Article" banner on the Talk page. (kliknij aby rozwinąć lub zwinąć)
    INCORRECT! Featured Articles are the designation given to the best articles Wikipedia has to offer, as determined by many Wikipedia editors. It's a good indicator of a good article.
  2. The article represents multiple points of view, even though some perspectives aren't given the same amount of space in the article. (kliknij aby rozwinąć lub zwinąć)
    INCORRECT! Articles should reflect multiple points of view neutrally, but should emphasize the most commonly expressed perspective in academic literature about the topic.
  3. The article draws heavily from a single source. (kliknij aby rozwinąć lub zwinąć)
    CORRECT! This is a sign of a weak article that may not be balanced or inclusive of multiple, neutral, points of view.
  4. It has a very long editing history, with multiple editors working on the same page for years. (kliknij aby rozwinąć lub zwinąć)
    INCORRECT! While some controversial articles will have long editing histories, it's not always an indicator of trouble. In fact, many edits could show a lot of strong interest in the article topic. Check the Talk page to find any controversies about the article.

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