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Support and SafetyEdit

Support and Safety training modules

Category Description Modules
Keeping events safe Training modules for people running in-person events
Name Description
Keeping events safe — event organizers Training to prepare event organizers to handle incidents of harassment or abuse.
Dealing with online harassment Training modules for Wikimedia project functionaries and others who might deal with harassment, be it short-term or involving cases
Name Description
Dealing with online harassment: Fundamentals Fundamentals of dealing with abuse – what is harassment, and how can you respond to it immediately?
Dealing with online harassment: Other forms of harassment Other forms of harassment, what they involve, and how they can be immediately dealt with. This is information that will be useful when you are fielding reports.
Dealing with online harassment: Communication best practices Communicating with those who are experiencing harassment on the projects, and how best to provide them support.
Dealing with online harassment: Handling reports How to handle reports of harassment, actionable or otherwise.
Dealing with online harassment: Closing cases How to close cases of harassment, and how to take care of yourself afterwards.