Trademark policy/Section 5

Section 5 5 Prohibited uses

5.1. Misleading mirrors and mimicking sites Please don't create a website that mimics the ‘look and feel' of a Wikimedia site. This especially applies to imitated Wikipedia articles. If you have a good reason to create a mimicking site, please contact us at

You don't need to contact us if you just want to use the MediaWiki software to create a wiki or if your mimicking site is clearly a parody.

If you create a mirror, make sure to comply with the relevant licenses for the content. Avoid copying links to Wikimedia policies and contact details. Please don't use the Wikimedia marks in a mirror of a Wikimedia site.

5.2 Linking to non-Wikimedia sites You may use Wikimedia marks to link to Wikimedia sites only. Please refer to Links to Wikimedia sites if you want to link to a Wikimedia site from your website.

5.3 Misrepresentation When you use a Wikimedia mark, do not create the impression that your use is in any way endorsed, or sponsored by, or part of the Wikimedia Foundation. This section also applies when you are granted a license to use a mark that doesn't permit you to suggest such an endorsement.