Trademark policy/Section 2

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Section 2 How to use the Wikimedia marks

Please follow the Visual Identity Guidelines whenever you use the marks whether with or without a trademark license. Whenever you use the Wikimedia marks, note the following:

2.1 Proper form You may use the wordmarks as a proper name (e.g. "Wikidata is great") or as an adjective (e.g. "the Wikimedia sites are awesome"). This includes any of the official translations and transliterations of the Wikimedia marks.

On the Wikimedia sites, you can use the marks in any form. You can create remixes of the wordmarks and logos, abbreviate them, and add to them.

Outside the Wikimedia sites, you may only use Wikimedia wordmarks in their full form and properly capitalized (e.g. "Wikibooks"). The logos should also not be modified without separate permission from the Wikimedia Foundation. We need to make sure that the logos remain distinctive from other marks.

2.2 Notice or trademark symbol When reasonable, please include this notice when you use a mark outside of the Wikimedia sites:

"[Wordmark / name of logo as listed here] is a trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation and is used with the permission of the Wikimedia Foundation. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation."

The notice should appear near the first use of a Wikimedia mark. One notice is enough if you display multiple marks, provided the notice refers to all of them. You don't need to display this notice if you are using the Community logo under Section 3.4.

If the mark will primarily appear on a mobile screen or another medium with limited visual space, you may instead use a trademark symbol (™) with the mark to show that it is a Wikimedia trademark. For size and location of the trademark symbol, please see the Visual Identity Guidelines. When you use a symbol due to limited space and there are additional pages to your material, please include the notice in the text of a prominent page (e.g. most mobile apps have an "about us" section and may display terms during installation).

Regardless of whether you use a notice or a trademark symbol to identify your use of Wikimedia marks, make sure that your use does not suggest endorsement by or affiliation with the Wikimedia Foundation.