Trademark policy/Comparison chart

Trademark policy comparison
2009 policy new draft policy
origin policy Mozilla trademark policy Community consultation
presentation follow Visual Identity Guidelines
creating remixes Not allowed.svg Allowed.svg

on projects

abbreviations & combinations Not allowed.svg Allowed.svg

on projects

translating the marks Not allowed.svg

(unless allowed by a Chapter Agreement)


on projects

trademark notice & symbol notice and symbol required only notice or symbol required
high resolution images Not allowed.svg Allowed.svg
use of marks without permission
on the projects not covered Allowed.svg
Community Logo license necessary Allowed.svg

to show membership in the Wikimedia community

community-focused events license necessary Allowed.svg
outreach (incl. edit-a-thons and educational materials) license necessary Allowed.svg
fair use & nominative use Allowed.svg

briefly mentioned


fully explained & broadly interpreted

news reporting not covered Allowed.svg
personal blogs & social media not covered Allowed.svg

if not confusing

artistic, scientific, literary, other non-commercial uses Allowed.svg

some allowed


fully explained

links to Wikimedia projects Allowed.svg
use on things that are not sold Allowed.svg

excluding high-resolution copies


fully allowed

use of marks with a license
GLAM license necessary Wikilicense
photo contests license necessary Wikilicense
hackathons license necessary Wikilicense
other events & conferences license necessary
domain names & email addresses license necessary
publications, movies, merchandise license necessary
prohibited uses
mimicking sites Not allowed.svg
links to non-Wikimedia projects Not allowed.svg
misrepresentation Not allowed.svg