Tor Exit Node Configuration

So you want to install Tor and help out the world, like those oppressed by the Great Firewall of China, but you don't want to get your IP blacklisted or autoblocked from Wikipedia? There is a solution, called an Exit Policy. Simply put, this allows you to restrict traffic based on IP or Port numbers.

Assuming you've installed what is called the "vidalia bundle", (and assuming you are running Windows) you will have a new option in your start menu for Vidalia Bundle. Under this is a folder called Tor, and in this folder is a text file called torrc. Click on it.

The IPs for the Wikimedia Foundation are (in the Netherlands) and (in the USA).

If you don't understand what that means, don't worry. You don't have to. :)

At the bottom of this document we opened, "torrc", we are going to add the following lines:

ExitPolicy reject
ExitPolicy reject

Make sure that there is no # sign in front of the line, and save the change. Note this only stops potential abuse from your IP to Wikipedia. Other websites & services may still be affected.*

Note that if you are looking to use Tor yourself to access Wikipedia from a restricted location, pleas see w:Wikipedia:Advice to users using Tor to bypass the Great Firewall

See also: Editing with Tor

*If you also use IRC, you will want to block all connections to freenode as well. (If you don't, your IP will get banned until you stop running tor.) Because their infrastructure is donated and in constant flux, there is no set of addresses which could be added to your torrc. Instead either ports 6665, 6666, 6667, 6697, 8000, 8001, 8002, 7000, 7070, 80 & 443 should be blocked.

ExitPolicy reject

ExitPolicy reject