These wireframes are low-fidelity illustrations of how the Toolhub interface is expected to look once it is ready. The details are subject to change.

Home pageEdit

The home page is the main entry point for Toolhub.

Version 1: just collectionsEdit

The first version of the Toolhub home page will just be a complete list of the various tool collections.

Version 2: search and collectionsEdit

The second version of the Toolhub home page will include search, corresponding to Milestone 4 on the Toolhub Roadmap.

Version 3: favorites, search, and collectionsEdit

The third version will add a "favorite tools" feature. This corresponds to a future milestone that is not currently planned.

Add new collectionEdit

You may have noticed a plus sign icon by the "Browse tool collections" header. That button will lead to an interface for creating a new collection of tools. A very similar interface will be used for editing tool collections.

Add your toolsEdit

The "Add your tools" link in the header should lead to this page.

List viewEdit

The list view includes search results, collection views, and other organized listings of tools.

Icon modeEdit

The icon mode shows tools with icons and more spaced apart, as opposed to text mode, which presents the same information with higher density.

Text modeEdit

Text mode removes the icons and presents the information more compactly.

Tool viewEdit

The tool view is the view for an individual tool.

Tool view with concernsEdit

Sometimes, a tool will not be ideal for use for certain reasons. In these events, the user interface should indicate this.