Toc hide option hack

Toc hide option hack is a hack for the TOC (automatic table of contents) scheme to allow an option in preferences for a closed TOC as default. It currently shows as open. I think this should be an option.

Inline with this should be a mouseover option for showing/hiding the TOC, allowing for rollover and click within the open TOC div/layer.

  • sounds good to me. I noticed as well that when you have more than one TOC on a page, only the first one can be hiddden. Others stay open all the time and clicking the "hide" link on the TOC toggles the first one. --Dave
  • That problem could actually be avoided by altering the JavaScript triggered by the link to climb up the DOM tree from the link to the TOC box. If that's considered a good idea, I'll volunteer to implement it. --Jesdisciple 22:23, 14 November 2008 (UTC)
  • I simply use <body onload="toggleToc()"> on my template. It hides the TOC automatically. It toggles the TOC even if the page is simply reloaded... But it isn't a big problem.