The letter from Kazakh Encyclopedia to Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.


Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

President of
Wikibilim Social Fund
Mr. Muktarov ΠΆ.B.
Kazakh Encyclopediasy Limited Liability Partnership is the sole proprietor of intellectual rights to the encyclopedic publications and collections published in its edition.
It confirms that texts and photographs published in the encyclopedic publications and other materials shall be entered in an open turnover on the basis of Creative Commons-BY-SA-3.0 licence.
Kazakh Encyclopediasy confirms that it takes no exception against the location of these materials in the Internet-resources, including Wikipedia open encyclopedia, as well as it takes no exception against their correction, adaptation, development and distribution (particularly for commercial purposes).

General Director
Kazakh Encyclopediasy LLP,
Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor
B. Zhakyp