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This page is a translated version of the page The Wikipedia Library/Kit/TWL Community Consultation and the translation is 55% complete.

Please translate into the relevant language for your community, and feel free to customize it to help communicate your vision for a Wikipedia Library Branch in your community.

A Wikipedia Library Branch on []!

The Wikipedia Library Owl wants to help build an open research hub in your community to access reliable sources!

Hello [LANGUAGE] Wikipedians! I would like to set up a branch of the Wikipedia Library on our project. If you didn't already know, the Wikipedia Library branches are research hubs set up by volunteers to support getting editors access to the research materials and resources that they need to write high-quality articles.

I think a Wikipedia Library program will allow us opportunities to get access to pay-walled materials, research libraries and other tools that would greatly strengthen our ability to do research. I want to see what our community thinks a Wikipedia Library Branch would look like for us here on [LANGUAGE] Wikipedia. What could it do to improve a) our access to research materials, b) greater partnerships with libraries or other knowledge organizations, and c) capitalizing on Open Access and other resources that our community already uses? The Wikipedia Library has a setup guide to help us on meta. I'm looking for your opinions on the idea, and help coordinating this project on [].

Community conversation

Veuillez nous faire part ici de vos commentaires sur ce qui, selon vous, pourrait convenir à notre communauté :

What resources in our community already help editors research? Are they effective? Could we provide more support for these programs?

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What are the biggest needs for research materials in our community? Are there specific research databases, journals, publishers, or print materials that would strengthen your work?

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What outreach programs are we doing with libraries, universities, cultural institutions, or archives already?

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Avons-nous suffisamment d'accompagnement pour savoir où trouver des matériaux ou sources, gratuits et modifiables ?

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Y a-t-il d'autres moteurs de recherche ou outils qui pourraient t'aider à trouver et utiliser des sources fiables ?

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Aimes-tu l'idée d'avoir une branche de la Bibliothèque Wikipédia sur le projet ? Reste-t-il des choses qui te tracassent ou que tu souhaiterais partager ?

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Vous voulez aider ?

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Setting up pages, seeking donations, managing access distribution, helping others do research, organizing talks or events, building tools, tracking metrics...
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