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Can you use your research access to help other members of your community? Let the community know at your community library.

The Wikipedia community is fundamentally a researching community: many editors have access to their own personal libraries, research libraries and research resources that many other editors might not be able to access. We can help each other to access information from these resources.

Below, you can record what resources you have access to and would be willing to selectively share with other editors. Make sure to create a citation for each resource, as that helps editors recognize them.

Note that in many legal environments, sharing of a limited number of research copies for a limited number of individual collaborators is allowed; however, not all of Terms of Use or local legal situations allow for this kind of sharing.

Research Library AccessEdit

If you have access to a major resource library, please add your username, and a link to the library's digital catalogue (if available).

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Major databasesEdit

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Other research materialsEdit

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