The Wikimedia Movement CRM

The vision of The Wikimedia Movement CRM program is Find the right Wikimedia contributors for your cause.

To learn more about this program and to provide feedback, check the announcement and our updates in Wikimedia Space. We are managing the CRM program in Phabricator.

Program objective edit

Provision of a Community Relationship Manager tool to support outreach to communities, fair recognition and rewards, and better identification of emerging communities worldwide, with a special focus in those underrepresented.

Major deliverables edit

  • Pilot completion after Foundation teams review.
  • Basic queries functionality for all Foundation staff.
  • Introduction of Affiliates, GLAM and Outreach Programs data.
  • Events registration and communications to participants.
  • Calls to action.
  • Rewards and recognition.

Dependencies edit

  • Technology - SRE for hosting.
  • Technology - Security for review of CiviCRM and server infrastructure.
  • Legal for privacy review.
  • Advancement & Fundraising Tech for advice on CRM workflows.

Related plans edit

The Wikimedia Movement CRM program started as part of the Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan FY2019-20.

  • Medium-term plan priority: Thriving Movement
  • Medium-term Plan outcome: We will have safe, secure spaces and equitable, efficient processes for all participants.
  • Annual Plan deliverable: Improved Infrastructure

All Foundation teams interacting with Wikimedia communities are expected to become CRM users and integrate the CRM in their plans.

Team edit

This program is led by the WMF Communications department.