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For the kth square the table cell is specified as {{{{{t}}}|{{{k }}}|w={{{w}}}|h={{{h}}}}}.

For producing similar wikitext for another size than 8x8:

  • if the number of squares is the same or less: delete unneeded lines and move the codes "|-" for "new row"
  • to use more similar lines of wikitext, see below.

In this example the 64 cell parameters are color codes, while w is the width and h the height. For each color code used there has to be template like Template:color r containing "red".

{{square 8x8|t=box|w=40|h=40|=

|r|r|g| |b|r|r|g|=
|g|l|l|l|f| |b|g|=
|g|l| |f|f|b|b|g|=
|g|l|f|f| |r|b|b|=



Checkerboard pentomino, solution from [1].

Empty parameters are allowed, they become white cells.

For various image sizes, see Template talk:Square 8x8 pentomino example.

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