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Provides for 232 languages the code, English name, and optionally the local name (needed when different from the one already provided from the code by the {{#language:}} parser function and when also different from the English name).

Optional parameters:
  • style= - Currently available styles: list (default), table, collapsible list, linkbar, subpages.
  • headings= - Style of headings (choose 2 or 3 for lists for now).
  • list=full - Use if you need all languages. Can be slow, so use with caution.

Use this template to create a list of all languages which needs to be filled in with some data for each language. For now, this template is very simple, but additional features are planned to make it useful for creating various lists of wikimedia projects and languages and information about them.


  • {{languages|en=abc|de=def|fr=ghi}}
Other languages:

  • {{languages|en=abc|de=def|fr=ghi|style=table}}
Other languages:

  • {{languages|en=abc|de=def|fr=ghi|style=linkbar}}
Other languages:

  • {{languages|en=[[abc]] def|de=ghi [[jkl]]|fr=*''mno'' pqr '''stu'''|list=full}}
Other languages:

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