"{{{{{6}}}}}" gives "{{{1}}}{{{2}}}{{{3}}}{{{4}}}{{{5}}}{{{{{6}}}}}" [1]

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See Help:Expansion demo templates.

This template is a version of Template:Xpd specially for the pattern 5oc, i.e. 5 items of plain text, followed by double opening braces, a template name, double closing braces, and optionally some more items of plain text.

Instead of a template name the 6th parameter value can also be a parser function name followed by a colon and a parameter of that parser function.

The expansion demo template shows, for documentation:

  • some wikitext
  • its rendering
  • a link to ExpandTemplates applied to the wikitext; thus it shows:
    • The expanded wikitext; this differs from the wikitext if that contains the call of a variable, parser function or template.
    • The rendering of this expanded wikitext (the result of expanding again, and further processing); this is typically the same as how the wikitext is rendered (the result of expanding once and further processing), because typically expanding again causes no further changes. However, there are exceptions; e.g. when calling Template:Txpd: "{{txpd}}" gives "{{1x|p}}" [2].


"p&nl&nlq{{tc}}" gives "p

q{{tlc|...}}" [3]

"{{#expr:2*3}}" gives "6" [4]

"&nl&nl{{stub}}" gives "

Imbox style.png
" [5]

Equals signEdit

If the 6th parameter value contains an equals sign it has to be preceded by "6=":

"{{xpd5oc||||||6=#expr:2+2=4}}" gives:

"{{#expr:2+2=4}}" gives "1" [6]

Special charactersEdit

  • A single newline should be a separate parameter
  • Two consecutive brackets should be in different parameters
  • A newline followed by one or more characters "*", "#", or ":" should together be in a separate parameter.

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