Template:Wikipedia rank by size/doc

This template gives a rank of Wikipedia by the number of articles.

Usage edit


{{Wikipedia rank by size|1}} → en
{{Wikipedia rank by size|2}} → ceb
{{Wikipedia rank by size|3}} → de
{{Wikipedia rank by size|4}} → fr
{{Wikipedia rank by size|5}} → sv
{{Wikipedia rank by size|6}} → nl
{{Wikipedia rank by size|7}} → ru


{{Wikipedia rank by size|fr}} → 4
{{Wikipedia rank by size|zh}} → 12

Other projects

By default it is for Wikipedia. For the sister projects add a second argument:

{{Wikipedia rank by size|1|wikiquote}} → en
{{Wikipedia rank by size|2|wikiquote}} → it

Plain language

To display in plain language:

{{Wikipedia rank by size/WP|2}} → Cebuano

This is useful when building dynamic ordered lists. For example:

  1. {{Wikipedia rank by size/WP|1}} {{NUMBEROF|articles|{{Wikipedia rank by size|1}}|N}}
  2. {{Wikipedia rank by size/WP|2}} {{NUMBEROF|articles|{{Wikipedia rank by size|2}}|N}}


  1. English 6,825,940
  2. Cebuano 6,117,752

For sites other than Wikipedia (eg. Wikiquote) use this method:

  1. [[Wikiquote|{{Mw lang|{{Wikipedia rank by size|2|wikiquote}}}}]]


  1. Italian

Data edit

Rankings are recalculated every 6 hours and retrieved from c:Special:PrefixIndex/Data:Wikipedia_statistics/rank/ updated by Numberof bot.

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