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{{TNT|Wikimedia LGBT+ navbox}}

(called over {{TNT}} for auto-corresponding languages for translations of this template and languages of pages where it was called)


Each page calls Template:Wikimedia LGBT+ navbox/layout, where defined style and translatable elements.

For adding new items in the box, first edit the Template:Wikimedia LGBT+ navbox/layout to include the new variable name and its English default value for passing the visible translatable item. Editing the layout template does not require Translate-admin privilege, but be careful as it will affect immediately all translations.

Then edit the parent template to add the parameter name assigned with the same English value between <translate>...</translate> tags (don't add the special "T:id" comment as it wil be overwritten; don't renumber them as it would mixup existing translations during the validation of the edited template with the Translate-Admin tool).

Then ask a Translate-Admin to validate and import this edited parent template into the translate tool. When this is done, the added items can be translated to any language by any contributor.

Create new translation

For creating new translation please use the link above the languages list.