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Axe 2. Working with Communities
Indicator 2018/19 Target
Participants 700 We have included all participants in events organised or supported by Wikimédia France, including among others the major conferences such as the French language Wikiconvention and the Wikisource conference but also the major contribution days linked to highly engaging initiatives to promote a more diverse community.
Newly registered editors 330 The contribution days are the main events leading to account creations for Wikimedia projects. Thanks to more regular use of the dashboard we aim to be better able to keep track of these new contributors, to support them with their integration within the movement.
Pages added/improved 15,000 Although the French language contribution month and the major contribution days generally result in the creation of numerous articles, this is not the case for an event such is the French language Wikiconvention. For its part, the sign language project should result in the creation of a major video database (10,000).
Volunteer hours 1,950 The commitment of our volunteers is important when organising and running workshops. For an international event such as the French language Wikiconvention this time can triple (grants, preparatory meetings, programme design, reception activities and the running of the events themselves, etc.).
Partners satisfaction 85% This result will be obtained by means of an annual survey sent out to all partners having supported at least one contribution-related activity during the year.
Contribution activities to reduce the gender gap on Wikimedia projects 25 Based on the dynamism seen last year, we hope to support the organisation of 25 contribution workshops aimed at reducing the gender gap on Wikimedia projects. These events are welcomed favourably by the general public and receive significant media coverage.
Number of contributors involved in the Languages of France project 10 More precisely this is the number of contributors involved in the working group aimed at supporting contributions to projects in regional and minority languages. This working group will seek to be as representative as possible of the different communities.
numbers of local leading volunteer organizers 35 By “leading volunteer” we are referring to contributors involved in the organisation of contribution-related events in the regions or organising meetings of Wikimedians (representatives of local groups and volunteers involved locally in specific contribution themes).
Numbers of events organized by local groups 100 We would like to be better able to report back on the dynamism of the local groups in France, particularly thanks to resources such as the Wikilettre (newsletter of WMFr) and the events calendar feature on Meta-Wiki.
Numbers of volunteers granted 60 The changes made to improve the micro-financing committee enable us to be better able to monitor those volunteers having received financial support, including the context in which this occurred (local groups’ activities, travel costs to participate in Wikimedia events, the purchasing of equipment, etc.).
Contribution activities organized into Cléry contributor space 30 The creation of a genuine area for the community within the premises of Wikimédia France should make it possible to facilitate meetings of Wikimedians living in the Paris region but also the organisation of contribution workshops with the equipment provided (book scanner, photo studio, computers, bibliographical resources).
Number of document package requested 60 We are frequently asked for documentary sources, particularly for workshops and training sessions focusing on Wikimedia projects. Drawing up a precise list of the requests, the recipients and the reasons would in our opinion provide interesting information to have on record, particularly to underline the role of Wikimedia France as an activity facilitator
Percentage of contributors claiming to have been supported by Wikimédia France 55% During the survey carried out last February, of the 172 respondents 43.9% stated that they received support from Wikimedia France. We would like to increase this figure to 55% in 2018-2019