Template:User translation administrator

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By default, this template creates a user box related to the user group on Meta-Wiki.

You can use this template in your Babel box:

{{#Babel:...|translation administrator|....}}

You can also use the template directly, in which case it may take optional parameters:

  • wlang is an interwiki language code (it is ignored if you also supply a, interwiki Wikimedia project code which is not localized per language)
  • wcode is an interwiki Wikimedia project code, such as m for Meta-Wiki (used by default if you don't supply a language code), or w for Wikipedia (used by default if supply a language code), or wikt for Wiktionary (this project is localized into multiple editions, so if you don't supply a language code, the template will use English by default), or commons for Wikimedia Commons (this project is fully multilingual in a single edition, so any language code supplied in wlang=* is ignored).
{{User translation administrator
|wlang = <!-- optional language code of the subproject (without the trailing colon),
         (such as: de, en, fr, ...); currently only for projects in:  b, n, q, s, v, voy, w, wikt: -->
|wcode = <!-- optional interwiki code of the wiki project (without the trailing colon),
         (such as: b, commons, d, f, foundation, incubator, m, mw, n, q, s, species, v, voy, w, wikimania, wikt) -->

This template will autocategorize user pages (in the User namespace) in Category:Meta-Wiki translation administrators, only if the this template is used to reference Meta-Wiki.


{{User translation administrator|wcode=b}}
{{User translation administrator|wlang=de|wcode=b}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=commons}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=d}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=f}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=foundation}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=incubator}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=m}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=mw}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=n}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=outreach}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=q}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=s}}
{{User translation administrator|wlang=en|wcode=s}}
{{User translation administrator|wlang=fr|wcode=s}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=species}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=v}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=voy}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=w}}
{{User translation administrator|wlang=map-bms}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=wikimania}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=wikt}}
{{User translation administrator|wcode=qqq}}<!-- project code not supported -->
{{User translation administrator|wcode=bugzilla}}<!-- existing interwiki, but not a wiki -->


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